Rippple updates
Rippple updates

Version 4.7



  • A new alternative "PRIDE" icon can be chosen on iPhone and iPad.


  • App icons for the Mac can be downloaded here. To replace the icon, find Rippple in your Application folder and choose the "Get Info" Finder option, then, drag and drop the .icns file on top of the smaller icon in the "Get Info" window. Relaunch Rippple and enjoy.

Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 10.27.08.png

  • This version also supports Offer Code redemption! To celebrate, you can now get 1 month of Rippple's Premium Experience for free with the "PRIDE" code. When the free month ends, the yearly subscription begins or resume. Yes, the offer is valid for new, existing and expired subscribers. This code can only be used by a limited number of users and it will expire on Jun 30, 2022. Redeem "PRIDE" today in-app when asked or use this link.

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