Rippple updates
Rippple updates

Version 4.4




This version introduces a brand new Profile page.

Thanks to this new Profile page, you’ll be able to access more of yours and others list, history, info,… like:

  • Now showing the date the user joined trakt
  • Now showing if the user is VIP with a badge
  • A brand new UI to make every profile pop…especially trakt VIP's profiles
  • See the list of following, followers and friends
  • A quick access to the latest watched episode or movie
  • Or the current check in if currently watching something
  • Access to the users's history, ratings and lists including watchlist, recommendations and every custom lists
  • User's stats and comments are still there

Screenshot 2022-02-27 at 14.11.41.png

Note: private user profiles stay private if you're not following them and/or if they didn't accept your follow request