Rippple updates
Rippple updates

Version 4.4.1




This version includes:

  • If your Trakt profile is private, you'll now have access to all features for your profile including lists, ratings, stats,… (sorry about that)
  • The "swipe actions" to Remove Activities or Delete from Lists have been removed from others Lists because it's just not possible (makes more sense)
  • The "To Watch" now takes your last watched episode into account instead of the last aired episode you watched (because it makes more sense)
  • Fixed some typos in Settings (bad fingers)
  • Fixed an issue with the check of the expiration of Premium subscription (thanks for the people who reported that, means a lot)
  • Lists are not accessible anymore to non-Premium users (because Premium users pay for that)
  • Fixed a crash when selecting multiple episodes in season/episode list across multiple seasons (because it's better not to crash)