Rippple updates
Rippple updates

Version 4.3



  • See when a movie includes during and/or after-credits stinger. Even get a notification when you check-in so you don’t miss any cookie.

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  • When looking at the full cast of a show or episode, you’ll now have the guest stars too.


  • The actor page now has a “From you History” section with shows and movies you watched with this actor in case you're wondering where and when you saw him/her.


  • A brand new TV show Ratings Chart is now available. Tap on a TV show, season or episode rating distribution chart to get access to the full TV show Ratings Chart with each and every episode and their ratings over time. Really useful when you don’t know if you should start watching an ongoing show or if you want to get a feeling about a season compared to another.

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  • A new setting has been added to tell Rippple to automatically re-add a TV show in your watchlist when you watch or check in an episode of it. This is to work around an automatic behavior of Trakt that can be counter-intuitive to some users.


  • We’ve added a new link to get more info about Rippple and our contact info on the login page just in case.
  • The Automatic sorting in the To Watch has been improved.
  • The count of episodes behind in the To Watch has been fixed for some edge cases.