Rippple updates
Rippple updates

Version 4.0




Rippple 4.0 brings huge improvements of the To Watch, Drag & Drop support, a powered-up Sidebar, more Links to external sources, more Sharing options, better and faster Actions across the app and much much more.

To Watch

  • You now have an "Upcoming" row on top of your To Watch so you can better prepare your TV schedule. This new row includes the movies and episodes that are coming your way in the next hours/days but also retain the last ones that dropped so you can easily see what’s hot out of the (TV) oven.
  • With the Upcoming addition, the To Watch now refreshes itself smarter.
  • You can now "start rewatching" and "stop rewatching" directly from Rippple (this action is only available to trakt VIP members).
  • The To Watch has also been optimized to work better with the rewatch feature and the “hide from progress” feature.
  • Your To Watch will now refresh faster when you only watch one episode or when you check in… like way way faster.
  • You can now swipe from left to right on an episode in the To Watch to see the full list of episodes or to hide the show.

Drag and Drop

  • You can now drag movies, episodes, shows, seasons from any list and drop them on a custom list in the new iPad sidebar to add them to that list. Multi drag and drop is supported so you can move a bunch of stuff from one list to another faster.
  • You can also just drag and drop them in another app that supports opening a URL.
  • You can also drag the poster in a show or movie detail and drop the image in other apps like Twitter to share or Photos to keep the posters you like.
  • You can also drag the title in a show, movie or episode detail and drop the title and URL in other apps like Twitter to share or Notes to keep the title and URL of stuff you like.
  • Multi drag and drop support makes it possible to drag and drop in one go the image, the title and the URL of a movie or show.

iPad and Mac specific

  • The brand new Sidebar shows the watchlist, collection, recommendations and custom lists for easy access and drag and drop.
  • Improved 3-column layout on iPad in every state and orientation, even on the latest iPad mini.
  • The keyboard shortcuts have been changed to use the latest API.
  • You will also be able to navigate the sidebar natively with the new keyboard focus APIs. Just hit the tab key to put the focus on the sidebar and use the up and down keys to navigate.

“Open in” and Sharing

  • When looking at the details of a movie, show or episode, you can now have links to external available sources (trakt, IMDb, TMDb, official website and/or YouTube).
  • Links to socials and more have been added for actors and crew members too.
  • Sharing (the trakt URL of) a movie, an episode or a show is now possible.
  • You can also share the “open in” external urls with a swipe action.

General improvements

  • All actions have been aligned and simplified everywhere. You can use the action button available a bit everywhere throughout the interface or long-press a poster or a media in a list to get the same powerful actions.
  • You can now configure the primary and secondary Swipe Actions for episodes and movies.
  • More options have been added in the app settings like enabling title for episode in To Watch.

If you want to have a look at Rippple 4.0 new features, check this thread on Twitter.