Rippple updates
Rippple updates

Version 3.7






  • Trakt rewatch feature support in the "To Watch" and in the season overview. Rewatching still needs to be configured on but Rippple will now show and help you follow your rewatch. IMG_6741.PNG
  • Recommended Movies and Recommended Show Notifications. As a Premium user, receive a notification when a TV show or movie reaches the top of the most recommended lists on trakt.


  • The action header is now sticky… which is obviously better in terms of user experience
  • Selecting a really long list name in "To Watch" settings is now rendered correctly


  • Fixed a really annoying and well hidden bug that made it impossible to opt-out of Trending Notifications
  • Fixed a UI glitch on the Profile page on some devices
  • Fixed another UI glitch that reset the tab bar selected item for some actions