Rippple updates
Rippple updates

Version 3.4





Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 11.32.53.png


  • New indicators shows you what is "watched", "watchlisted", "collected", "recommended" or in your "to watch"
  • Activities are now grouped by date and a header shows you your daily time on tv
  • Check in, mark episode watch and do more with a swipe to the left in seasons/episodes list
  • Check in, mark movies and episodes watch and do more with a swipe to the left in the "To Watch" list
  • Remove an activity with a swipe to the left in the "Activities" list
  • And last but not least, mark previous episodes as watched!


  • We’ve done a lot of tweaking under the hood like aligning pixels and making sure the rendering of everything is done efficiently
  • We also had to put a limit of 100 shows when using the "Watched" lists to build the episodes "To Watch" to keep things under control
  • The speed of the processing of the movies "To Watch" has been improved


  • Fixed some API retry logic for some error codes
  • Fixed empty state in "To Watch" was selectable (thus glitchy)
  • Fixed the cancel option when an error occurred after a "Next To Watch" quick action
  • Fixed the seasons and episodes list error retry logic (wasn't working)