Version 3.4

Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 11.32.53.png


  • New indicators shows you what is "watched", "watchlisted", "collected", "recommended" or in your "to watch"
  • Activities are now grouped by date and a header shows you your daily time on tv
  • Check in, mark episode watch and do more with a swipe to the left in seasons/episodes list
  • Check in, mark movies and episodes watch and do more with a swipe to the left in the "To Watch" list
  • Remove an activity with a swipe to the left in the "Activities" list
  • And last but not least, mark previous episodes as watched!


  • We’ve done a lot of tweaking under the hood like aligning pixels and making sure the rendering of everything is done efficiently
  • We also had to put a limit of 100 shows when using the "Watched" lists to build the episodes "To Watch" to keep things under control
  • The speed of the processing of the movies "To Watch" has been improved


  • Fixed some API retry logic for some error codes
  • Fixed empty state in "To Watch" was selectable (thus glitchy)
  • Fixed the cancel option when an error occurred after a "Next To Watch" quick action
  • Fixed the seasons and episodes list error retry logic (wasn't working)

Version 3.3

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 10.13.04.png

  • See your stats under your profile like the number of watched, plays and minutes watched
  • See other Trakt user stats too
  • Management of Trakt locked account

For Premium users

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 10.10.48.png

  • Get trending show and movie notifications
  • Sort any custom list by rank, ratings, title, random, release date,…
  • Search by title or release year from any custom list

🤓 all features are available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac version of Rippple!

Rippple for macOS Big Sur

After the iPad, Rippple is now also available on any Mac running macOS Big Sur!

Rippple 3.2.jpg

Version 3.2

This update improves TV show navigation

  1. You can now see a full TV show overview with each season and episode
  • With a clear indication of what is watched or not, released or not, and what is your next-to-watch episode

IMG_A56E7FEE6A8A-1 (1).jpeg

  • You can also quickly jump to a specific season

IMG_6114 (1).PNG

  1. When you look at a specific episode, you'll now have a quick way to choose another one
  • Including the previous and the next one

IMG_6115 (1).PNG

Version 3.1

In this version, we added support for Recommendations and Collection.


You can now mark a whole season or show as watched.


We also added keyboard shortcuts for things like search, composing and navigation.

A show, episode or movie details now display some stats like the number of plays, watchers and times added in lists.


Plus a lot of small bug fixes and UI improvements.

Version 3.0

bg01 copy.jpg

This new version of Rippple is fully optimized to run on your iPad.

This new version also fully supports iOS 14.

  • New 3-column layout on the iPad with a fancy sidebar
  • Support for iPad multitasking states (splits)
  • Support for pointer and trackpad
  • New UI to see the current check-in on iPad in your profile (also available on the iPhone)
  • Handle Universal purchase (meaning you share only one purchase for iPhone and iPad)
  • Improved layout of some screens for bigger screens (login, search,…)
  • Your own comment (if you commented something) is now pinned on top each comment list
  • You can now reverse all sort options in the movie and episode to-watch (tap the sort option again to reverse it)
  • Updated the spoiler tool icon in the composer’s toolbar
  • You can now start a quick search with a second tap on the search or with a double-tap
  • Use of the new quick menu for filtering, sorting and overall quicker actions
  • You can now start a comment on your iPhone then finish it on your iPad seamlessly
  • We now prompt you to edit a previous comment or make a new one if a comment already exists for a movie, episode or show
  • You can now see your replies under your any profile including yours
  • Better handling of user session that closed
  • Fix a bug preventing to add/remove seasons and episodes to/from lists
  • Fix a crash that happened when the detail page of a movie, show or episode was refreshed
  • A lot of tweaks (UI and bugs) to support iOS 14 and the iPad

Version 2.5

This update brings a lot of small things for everyone and for our premium users. Here's the break down:

For Everyone…

Screenshot 2020-07-26 at 14.50.09.png

Movies and Episodes Activities

Get a list of your watch activity for each movie and episode. Yes, multiple watch is supported! And yes, you can remove each watch activity, one-by-one.

Episode Information

Get more information about each episode of a TV show. When it first aired, when you watched it, the comments, the episode's cast and a short summary.

Comments Peek

When you open a movie, episode or TV show detail, you'll now get a peek at the most liked comments.

For Premium Users…

Screenshot 2020-07-26 at 14.56.53.png

Search Quick Action

The Search Home Screen Quick Action gives you a fast way to start a search right from your home screen.

Hidden Shows

You can now hide and unhide a show from your Watch Progress (synced with trakt). Then you can configure your Episodes To-Watch to filter out the episodes from shows you've hidden.

Group Episode Notifications

Episodes from the same show airing at the same time will now be grouped to avoid flooding your Notification Center. This can be configured in the app's Notifications Settings.

DVD & Blu-ray Movie Notification

Next to the first theatre release of a movie, you can now get a notification when the movie is out on DVD & Blu-ray. You can opt-out of this one (like every other type of notification) in the app's Notifications Settings.

Version 2.4

First, more notifications for Premium users!

Get a handy notification when an episode or a movie in your to watch or in your watchlist is released. Screenshot 2020-06-20 at 10.54.47.png Control the notifications you get thanks to the new powerful Notification Settings. Run a self-diagnostic of the notification system if you feel like notifications are not working properly. Screenshot 2020-06-20 at 10.54.55.png All of the above will be improved over time: we'll add more types of notifications, you'll always be in control, and the sanity check will cover even more!

Then, the gimmick!

You can now choose between 3 versions of Rippple's icon: the Original, the Dark, and the Inverted one. Screenshot 2020-06-20 at 10.53.28.png Choose the one that suits you and enjoy it on your home screen and in each and every notifications.

And finally, the bug fixes!

Every developer tries to keep the number of crashes as low as possible, right? But we always have this little annoying bug popping up once every 1000 sessions or so. This one has been there for a long time but we finally crushed it! So no more crashes when loading a list of comments, no matter how it's opened.

Version 2.3

The "To Watch" has been rebuilt from scratch to be faster and more powerful for both movies and tv shows.

We also added some things to the settings page we're bringing a lot of small UI improvements and bug fixes.

A bit more about this big "To Watch" makeover

We improved the loading time and we introduced a new loading indicator to show you when your "to watch" is being refreshed. Overall, the feeling of refreshing your "to watch" should be around 10 times better.

Untitled.2020-05-28 11_17_47.gif

The movies you watched are now filtered out from your movies to watch (because it makes more sense, right?).

You could already build your "to watch" around one or more of your own custom lists… now you can do the same with lists you like.

Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 11.25.39.png

And now, when your "to watch" is empty, you'll see a special "You did it" message instead of the empty monochrome masterpiece you could have seen before.

Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 11.28.21.png

But wait… there's one more thing… your "to watch" will now be sorted automatically to show you the best things for you to watch first. If the automatic sorting doesn't suit you, choose another one and don't hesitate to ask for more if we missed some obvious sorting options.

Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 11.25.34.png

So, start a free trial to test all of this or enjoy the faster and more powerful "To Watch" if you're already a Premium user.

List of new stuff you can do in the Settings:

  • Review the app on the App Store (do it, doooo it… please… thanks)
  • Check
  • Read and make sure you agree with our privacy policy
  • And do the same with our terms of use
  • Report a bug if you find one (good luck… just kidding)
  • Easily submit a feature request (if you're a Premium user)

And here's a list of some random things we did to improve the app further:

  • Improved the way show/movies/comments are opened (deep-link, push,…)
  • Added an error message when trying to delete a comment that can’t be deleted per rules
  • Added a button to dismiss the actions panel
  • Added a button to dismiss the to watch settings panel
  • Fixed some typos
  • Improved copy of paywall (go read it, it's pretty good)
  • Fixed UI glitches when the banner messages were displayed
  • Fixed a bug making the confetti not showing
  • Fixed a bug when the wrong section was selected when coming back from the profile
  • Improved loading of list membership indicator in the list membership action panel
  • Fixed a bug with checked-in movie/show info not completely displayed in the detail view
  • Fixed color of a loading indicator in dark mode

Version 2.2

Mark Watched

You can now mark a single episode or movie as watched. You can choose to mark the content as watched "now", "when first released" or at a specific date and time. This is handy if you forgot to check-in (・・;)

Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 12.02.41.png

Lifetime Premium

We also introduce a Lifetime purchase in this version. You can upgrade from the settings (under your profile). You now have the choice between:

  • a free but limited experience
  • a monthly subscription with everything premium
  • a yearly subscription with everything premium (with a free trial)
  • a lifetime purchase with everything premium
  • you can also combine one of the subscriptions with the lifetime purchase
  • you can switch from monthly to yearly (manage subscription)
  • you can cancel your subscription anytime (manage subscription, please check our terms)

Everyone is covered, right?