Rippple updates
Rippple updates

Version 3.9.1





  • The season/episodes list now follows the "swipe action" settings to "Mark Watched Now" instead of "Check In" for the first left to right swipe action.

Screenshot 2021-07-07 at 09.28.03.png

Version 3.9






  • More Swipe Actions… Everywhere!

New actions have been added and they are more consistent accros all lists: check in, mark watched now, mark watched with options, add to watchlist, add to your collection, add to a custom list, next episode,… and much more.

Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 20.49.55.png

  • Revamped Settings

Rippple gained some new settings recently… it was time to clean that up. The settings are now better grouped and every settings has an icon and a submenu if needed to make it easier to navigate. Happy configuration!

Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 20.55.33.png


  • Opening the App Store to write review about Rippple is now a bit more direct
  • Added an explanation footer in the episodes to-watch when the "watchlist" is selected
  • The "Next Episode" action now works even with Trakt rewatch feature


  • Some typos have been fixed

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Version 3.8






  • You can now add a badge on top of Rippple’s icon with the number of shows, episodes or movies listed in your To Watch
  • Some stats are now displayed in the footer of the To Watch
  • New alphabetical sort option for your To Watch lists

Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 18.22.04.png


  • It is now possible to have the “mark as watched now” action as default when swiping on something in the To Watch
  • The sentiment analysis has been moved to the “experimental” section and is now an opt-in option


  • Fix an issue that caused the genre and rating of a tv show to not load properly when opened from the To Watch
  • Corrected a typo

Version 3.7






  • Trakt rewatch feature support in the "To Watch" and in the season overview. Rewatching still needs to be configured on but Rippple will now show and help you follow your rewatch. IMG_6741.PNG
  • Recommended Movies and Recommended Show Notifications. As a Premium user, receive a notification when a TV show or movie reaches the top of the most recommended lists on trakt.


  • The action header is now sticky… which is obviously better in terms of user experience
  • Selecting a really long list name in "To Watch" settings is now rendered correctly


  • Fixed a really annoying and well hidden bug that made it impossible to opt-out of Trending Notifications
  • Fixed a UI glitch on the Profile page on some devices
  • Fixed another UI glitch that reset the tab bar selected item for some actions

Version 3.6





New super cool stuff

  • Rippple will now show you your own 1 to 10 rating and indicate you if you commented a movie, episode, season or TV show in lists. Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 20.29.54.png

  • We’ve added more swipe (left to right this time) actions to the Activities tab: rate or comment episodes and movies, or recommend movies right from your history. Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 20.31.18.png

  • Sometimes you glance at reviews to see if a movie or a TV show is worth your time but the comments are full of spoilers and the ratings are not telling the full story. That’s why we added a "Sentiment Analysis" indicator on all comments. It’s not full proof but it can help you choose what comment to read and ultimately what movie or TV show to watch. It's also showing on your own comment's preview before posting so you can adapt your tone to appear more or less positive. Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 20.35.40.png

  • Movies and TV shows now display more useful information like their status (only when it makes sense). Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 20.38.26.png

Some other cool stuff

  • Beginning with this version, we are going to open a “what’s new?” page when you open a new version of Rippple the first time. After 20+ official releases, we thought it was a good idea to let you know when something changed.
  • We’ve added the possibility to force dark or light mode for Rippple. You can also follow the system appearance of course.
  • It’s also now possible to disable the “where to watch?” if you do not care because you know… you know?!

The less cool but worth mentioning stuff

  • We’ve made the purchase process a bit better to avoid any frustration when all you want to do is use Rippple to the fullest.
  • The tabs icons gained some weight (nom nom nom) and are now more readable.
  • Your stats will now be loaded even if your account is private.
  • The “To Watch” won’t be reloaded if you didn’t change anything in the "To Watch" settings.
  • And this version may or may not contain less bugs… it depends on the amount of new bugs introduced VS the one crushed.

One more stuff…

  • We’ve added an “Experimental” section in the Settings. Features in there may change a lot or be removed in future version but fee free to test them and let us know if you like them or not or if you'd like them different.
  • If you want, you can now test the “Calendar” feature. When enabled, a glanceable 15 days calendar is added on top of the “To Watch”. It’s built on top of the notifications system. This means you need to enable “To Watch” release Notifications for the Calendar to work properly.

Version 3.5






  • Find "Where to Watch" movies and TV shows. The minimal data we have is provided by JustWatch via the TMDb API. With just a glance you can see where to stream, buy or rent the movies and TV shows you find in Rippple. Tap the provider logo to open TMDb to get more info about the offer and the actual link to the provider.

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 09.19.43.png


  • Improved handling of Trakt API Rate Limits
  • Improved how the watch indicator is loaded and cached for a faster display
  • Improved detection of server-side logout
  • Improved how movies “To Watch” are filtered by looking at the movie status


  • Fixed the navigation bar UI on the "To Watch" to be aligned with other tabs
  • Fixed an issue with the custom list filter that wasn't usable since the latest OS updates

Version 3.4





Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 11.32.53.png


  • New indicators shows you what is "watched", "watchlisted", "collected", "recommended" or in your "to watch"
  • Activities are now grouped by date and a header shows you your daily time on tv
  • Check in, mark episode watch and do more with a swipe to the left in seasons/episodes list
  • Check in, mark movies and episodes watch and do more with a swipe to the left in the "To Watch" list
  • Remove an activity with a swipe to the left in the "Activities" list
  • And last but not least, mark previous episodes as watched!


  • We’ve done a lot of tweaking under the hood like aligning pixels and making sure the rendering of everything is done efficiently
  • We also had to put a limit of 100 shows when using the "Watched" lists to build the episodes "To Watch" to keep things under control
  • The speed of the processing of the movies "To Watch" has been improved


  • Fixed some API retry logic for some error codes
  • Fixed empty state in "To Watch" was selectable (thus glitchy)
  • Fixed the cancel option when an error occurred after a "Next To Watch" quick action
  • Fixed the seasons and episodes list error retry logic (wasn't working)

Version 3.3





Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 10.13.04.png

  • See your stats under your profile like the number of watched, plays and minutes watched
  • See other Trakt user stats too
  • Management of Trakt locked account

For Premium users

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 10.10.48.png

  • Get trending show and movie notifications
  • Sort any custom list by rank, ratings, title, random, release date,…
  • Search by title or release year from any custom list

🤓 all features are available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac version of Rippple!

Rippple for macOS Big Sur





After the iPad, Rippple is now also available on any Mac running macOS Big Sur!

Rippple 3.2.jpg

Version 3.2





This update improves TV show navigation

  1. You can now see a full TV show overview with each season and episode
  • With a clear indication of what is watched or not, released or not, and what is your next-to-watch episode

IMG_A56E7FEE6A8A-1 (1).jpeg

  • You can also quickly jump to a specific season

IMG_6114 (1).PNG

  1. When you look at a specific episode, you'll now have a quick way to choose another one
  • Including the previous and the next one

IMG_6115 (1).PNG