Rippple updates
Rippple updates

🧪 Version 5.4 [beta]




This is a beta version available only to our beta testers right now!

You can now configure where you want to see episode titles. Want to see them on your To Watch? You can. Want to see them on the episode detail view? You can even if you didn't watch the episode yet. Want to see them on the episode list? You can.

If you're afraid of spoilers, like me, you can now also keep them hidden and tap the redacted episode title in the episode detail view to show it temporarily.

In this version, there's also an improvement of the "next episode to watch" fetching logic for Widgets displaying a show that you didn't start yet.

And some fixes:

  • Fix a drawing bug with the TV show progress bar
  • Fix a Widget crash when no artwork are available
  • Fix external links for People that broke with the latest version

Version 5.3




Episode Travel

It is now possible to swipe left or right to navigate — or travel — trough episodes of a TV show.


Spoiler-free Episode titles

When travelling, we want you to stay safe! That's why episode titles are now displayed only when you've watched the episode.


Episode List

You now have a quick access to the full episode list from a show or episode, look for the list icon on the top right corner


Rating != Progress

We've added a heart indicator next to the rating in lists because it's way better in terms of… understanding.


Swipe to the Next Episode

You can now swipe on a history item to get the next episode to watch.



  • We've added a link to our Mastodon account in the About screen
  • Now that you can travel between episodes, sharing a link is done thanks to a new button
  • The TV show status (returning, canceled,…) is now displayed on the progress card


  • Fixed Dynamic Island image size on iOS 16.2+
  • Fixed Widget crash that happened when an error occurred
  • Fixed Widget images and search that was broken
  • Fixed a bug that lead to action buttons doing wrong things when rewatching something

Version 5.2




Custom List Collaborations

If you are invited to collaborate on a List on Trakt, you will find that list in Rippple and be able to add and remove content from the list.


Recent Search

You'll now have access to your (5) most recent searches with the ability to remove them one by one with a swipe or clear them all.


Saved Filters

Your Trakt Saved Filters from search, tv and movies are now displayed in the search section.


Trakt Collections

If a TV show or Movie is part of a Collection, you'll be able to see it on the detail page. This makes watching sequels a bit easier.



Not a fan of Comments? You can now hide them from the detail page and you can hide the comment count or replace it with the Trakt rating.



  • Better support for Trakt Official Lists.
  • User Experience tweaking a bit everywhere including opening the content detail instead of the comments in search and lists.
  • Some bug fixes including a data refresh issue when you marked more than one episode watched in one action.

Version 5.1.2




This is a hotfix, a small update that makes Rippple a bit better and that is released as quickly as possible.

  • Updates TMDb API stuff to be able to keep images, quick and trending search and watch provider info (via JustWatch) #futureproof
  • Adds a link to "All Trakt Settings" in Rippple's Settings screen #compliance
  • Fixes an issue with some movie and TV show with titles colliding with trakt identifiers leading to issues like the current "1899" TV show showing wrong information #bugfix

Version 5.1.1




The fixes

This is a smaller version that fixes a bunch of issues I've detected after launching the last big one 😇

  • Fix an issue where TV and Movie Widgets wouldn't show the right info due to a mismatch between trakt id and tmdb id
  • Fix a crash in To Watch when lists had the same name
  • Fix a crash when some comments had the same identifiers in fetched comments lists
  • Fix a memory leak

The improvements

Because a version with just bug fixes is boring 😝

  • TV and Movie Widgets now display a countdown timer when the next episode or movie is not out yet

IMG_418740D95B44-1.jpeg IMG_418740D95B44-2.jpeg

  • Peek Widgets texts are now more customizable, show or hide header, title, info for the look you want


  • When a check in is in progress, the quick actions for episodes and movies will shows a convenient "Cancel Check-in" action


  • Improved how the backdrop image is displayed or hidden on the episodes detail view

IMG_1FB52C6D8CD7-1.jpeg IMG_3EC8900DDEC9-1.jpeg

Version 5.1




New shiny stuff

  • Support for Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone Pro Max for the checkin action on episodes and movies

IMG_0355.PNG IMG_0356.PNG

  • Support for Live Activities (require iOS 16.1) for the checkin action on episodes and movies


  • You can now search for a specific TV show or movie when you edit a Widget to only display information about the specified content you choose

IMG_0360.PNG IMG_0354.PNG

Some more improvements

  • Adds a "reduced bars opacity" mode in the Appearance settings

Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 21.47.24.png

  • Adds a shortcut for the "To Watch": tap the tab again to switch between Episodes and Movies
  • Adds a new icon inspired by the Mac version of the app
  • Adds a new Automation to automatically add a TV show in Watchlist when watched
  • Some fixes including one that improves widget stability and one that made the To Watch crash

And an improved experience on the Mac

On macOS 13 Ventura, Rippple 5.1 will look and feel more at home on the Mac than ever before while catching up on the features introduced with Rippple 5.0.

Screenshot 2022-10-16 at 10.57.33.png

Screenshot 2022-10-16 at 10.57.41.png

Screenshot 2022-10-16 at 10.57.58.png

Screenshot 2022-10-16 at 10.58.24.png

Screenshot 2022-10-16 at 11.02.26.png

Version 5.0




In this new version of Rippple: Widgets and Lock Screen Widgets, To Watch improvements, basic Actions improvements, more Stats, better TV show Progress indicators and new Icons.

To celebrate, you can now get 1 month of Rippple's Premium Experience for free with the following code: FIVE.

The offer code is valid for new, existing and expired subscribers. When the free month ends, the yearly subscription begins or resume. The offer is limited.


We’ve added two widgets:

  • PEEK: Get a PEEK at your last or currently watching, next or upcoming movie or TV show… and customise them the way you want.

IMG_0151.PNG IMG_0152.PNG ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 11.jpg

  • SPLASH: Enjoy a bigger version of Rippple’s ripple effect. Choose between all available app icons.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 7.jpg ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 8.jpg

We’ve also added some Lock Screen widgets so you can do the same even faster from your Lock Screen.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 6.jpg

To Watch improvements

The “To Watch” is now grouped to better show where TV shows or movies come from.

You can now “Pin” TV shows on your Episodes To Watch list to see them first. This special list is synced with iCloud.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 5.jpg IMG_173A9DCC1945-1.jpeg

Track, Stack and Share

New quick actions have been added on episode, TV show and movies detail pages to track, stack or share them faster.

ripppleapp_2022-Sep-04.jpg ripppleapp_2022-Sep-04 1.jpg ripppleapp_2022-Sep-04 2.jpg

The main actions menu has also been improved. It’s now easier and faster to add something to a standard or custom list.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 4.jpg ripppleapp_2022-Sep-04 3.jpg

Ratings and Lists Stats

Stats have been added on each and every lists: standard and custom.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 1.jpg ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 2.jpg

You can also see ratings stats on top of profile’s ratings list to see how you or your friends rate stuff.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 3.jpg

TV show Progress

A new progress bar showing the seasons AND episodes watched has been added to TV show so you have a better understanding of where you stand in the show.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23.jpg IMG_794C0AFDF850-1.jpeg

New Icons

Two new icons have been added:

  • Dark Monochrome
  • Light Monochrome


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Version 4.7.2



  • Improves the reliability of push notifications in general
  • Fixes a bug that made the app crash when refreshing the To Watch
  • Fixes a small but annoying UI glitch at the end of Lists
  • Improves how your trakt session is managed
  • Adds a hint under the App Icon options
  • Fixes a crash on iPad that appears when switching layout
  • Improves how deep-links are opened

Version 4.7.1



  • Fixes a typo in Lists filters
  • Fixes a crash happening when redeeming an Offer Code in some cases
  • Has some under the hood cleaning to prepare for future updates

Version 4.7



  • A new alternative "PRIDE" icon can be chosen on iPhone and iPad.


  • App icons for the Mac can be downloaded here. To replace the icon, find Rippple in your Application folder and choose the "Get Info" Finder option, then, drag and drop the .icns file on top of the smaller icon in the "Get Info" window. Relaunch Rippple and enjoy.

Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 10.27.08.png

  • This version also supports Offer Code redemption! To celebrate, you can now get 1 month of Rippple's Premium Experience for free with the "PRIDE" code. When the free month ends, the yearly subscription begins or resume. Yes, the offer is valid for new, existing and expired subscribers. This code can only be used by a limited number of users and it will expire on Jun 30, 2022. Redeem "PRIDE" today in-app when asked or use this link.

Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 10.41.41.png

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