Custom fields for landing page

Add custom fields to your landing page, making it super easy to ask your customers for additional information!


Landing page review distribution

You can now enable/disable and change the order of your review sources very easily:


Track opens, delivery, bounce and more

We have added more tracked events for review invitations, such as the delivery and bounce events, and have started surfacing those in each individual customer timeline.

Adding custom Javascript (Agencies)

Agencies can now add custom Javascript code which will run for all client users, which is a great way to offer live chat support, analytics or any other code you could imagine. Find it under Configurations -> Agencies -> Branding :)

Widget creation update

We've updated the widget creation process to add more flexibility around styling, which sections to show and more.

Disabling custom domains

It's now possible to disable custom domains directly from the dashboard - more custom domain updates coming soon too!

Template variable update

We have standardized the variables we make available across our various templates, and added the {{locationname}} and {{companyname}} variables to make it easier to customize templates across your accounts and locations.

Client usage limitations

You can now limit the number of SMS, email and locations that a given agency client can use.

Customer filter updates

We've updated our customer filters, to include:

  1. Customers who haven't been sent an invite
  2. Customer who haven't clicked a review invite
  3. Reviews that haven't been responded to

The links from our dashboard now take you to these filtered views.

Billing update

You can now update your billing usage to add more seats, users, email & SMS from the dashboard. We will soon add removal, cancellation and plan switching too.