Customize your dashboard with custom CSS

Agencies can now customize their entire dashboard by applying custom CSS, making everything on brand. Visit Configurations -> Agencies -> Branding and paste your CSS into the Custom CSS code field.

To set the navigation to red as an example, you can use this code:

.navbar { background-color: red; }

New status page

We've made our new status page available to show you our current status and historic uptime across our services:

Widget optimizations

We have optimized most of the images served via our embeddable widgets, to ensure that they load faster. This is an ongoing effort to improve the load times of our widgets and making them more SEO friendly.

Support for client custom domains [BETA]

Until now, you have been able to add a custom domain per account. We have made an update that allows our agencies to add a custom domain per client as well, meaning that you can brand your entire portal, landing pages, widget URLs and more to their domain.

This is in beta until further notice, and we will be enabling an option for you to set this up via their dashboard in the coming weeks.

Shortname field in CSV uploads

We have added a shortname field in the CSV upload parsing, which lets you specify which shortname (ie. location) a given customer belongs to.

This makes it easier to upload just 1 CSV with customers across many locations, and letting us do the sorting. The previous alternative was sorting on your end and uploading a CSV per location so this should save you a lot of time.

Unsubscribe customers

We have added an API endpoint for you to unsubscribe customers on your end, for cases where you have a blacklist of people you do not want to contact.

Social sharing images

You can upload images to your social sharing settings, which are posted together with your reviews to Facebook, Google and Twitter. Images are randomly selected if you have more than 1 image.

Users connected with multiple clients

You can now associate a given user with one or more clients, which applies to both their login access as well as notifications.


We are excited to announce the launch of our new Organizations feature, which in a nutshell makes it possible to run multiple accounts in one.

This is useful for cases like agencies reselling to other agencies and multi-national brands managing all their brands in one dashboard.

Copy campaigns & widgets during client creation

Our agencies will be happy to know that you can now copy campaigns and widgets into a new client directly during client creation!