Reviewshake changelog
Reviewshake changelog

Platform refactoring





Since the beginning of April, we have been working hard to improve our codebase and the way Reviewshake works in the backend. As a result, we deployed a major update today. There should be no difference in how the platform works and looks, other than faster loading times for some pages.

However, if you find any consistency issues, let us know and we will act on them swiftly.

The Reviewshake Product Team

Exporting reports as PDF

Hi everybody!

We just released an often requested feature: exporting scheduled reports in PDF format. You will see the possibility to export in several places:

1) Every email (both automatic and manual) sent containing a scheduled report will have the PDF version attached.

2) In the list of reports, you will have a button for each report to view its current version as PDF.


3) You will also see the button to export to PDF when viewing a scheduled report in the browser.

We are aiming to make the PDF version look as similar as possible to the HTML version, but please let us know if you find any discrepancies between the two.

Have a great weekend! The Reviewshake Team

Improved Dashboard Speed





Hi there!

You might have noticed that since last week the admin dashboard is loading much faster. While for customers with a lot of data (reviews, invitations) it previously took more than 30 seconds for the dashboard to load, the loading time has been reduced to a couple of seconds.

The reason for this improvement is that we optimized the way the information in the dashboard has been calculated. This will both make it easier and faster to view the information from the dashboard, as well as avoid potential loading issue in the future.

We'll be back with new updates soon!

Brand Audit Widget





Today, we are happy to announce that we released the Brand Audit Widget.

The widget is available to our agency customers and will allow them to offer their users a free audit report and thus turn them into potential leads.

You can find the embed code by clicking the "Brand Audit Widget" item in the Configurations menu. There, you can both see the embeddable code snippet, as well as track the generated leads (i.e. contact data for users that used the widget).

The data included in the report includes how many reviews they have, and from what sources, the breakdown of the review score per source, as well as an estimated sentiment distribution of their reviews.

You can see the brand audit widget in action (e.g. what a normal user of the widget will receive) here:

Reports Show Stats From a Longer Timeframe by Default





We have changed the date range displayed by default in the My Reports section (which is found under Reports -> My Reports).

Previously, the default range was limited to the most recent ~3 years, but we now show the entire period from the date of the first available review until the present time. This means that users will see stats for our entire dataset from the first click.

Of course, our date filtering options are still available, so it is easy to choose any particular time interval for which you wish to see the available stats.

Improved Onboarding Flow for New Users





We have released a new onboarding flow for recently-registered users. This will allow them to set up their account in four simple steps:

Step 1: Add your Review Sources: here you can add as many review sources as you would like.

Step 2: Share Your Landing Page: here you can edit your landing page for generating reviews and share it with others.

Step 3: Send Review Invitations: here you can send your first review invitation.

Step 4: Show off your Reviews: customize your reviews widget, which can be embedded on any website.


The new onboarding will enable new customers to get started with Reviewshake much faster than before.

Revamped Review Sources





The Review Sources page has a new look, as well as a few other changes under the hood.

On the frontend side, the sources list has an improved aspect, which makes it easier to locate your favorite source. Also, the source setup now opens in a modal, rather than a new window. If you need the source ID (which was previously in the URL), don't worry: you will find it in the modal for adding/editing a source.



In the backend, we have changed the way the authentication for Facebook and Google works. There shouldn't be any visible difference from how it worked before, but the new implementation should be more robust and future-proof.

Export agency and customer data





You are now able to export key information about your agency clients, and your customer data directly in your dashboard. This data includes:

Agency data

  • review_count - how many reviews do they have?
  • average_rating - what is their average rating?
  • new_reviews_ytd - how many reviews were created year to date?
  • average_rating_ytd - what is their average rating year to date?
  • last_review_date - what date did they get their latest review?
  • reviews_since_joining - how many reviews have they gotten since joining RS?
  • percentage_change_review_count_since_joining - what is the percentage change in their review count since joining (compared to the previous period)?
  • average_rating_change_since_joining - what is their average rating since joining RS?
  • percentage_change_average_rating_since_joining - what is the percentage change in their average rating since joining (compared to the previous period)?
  • customers_added_ytd - how many customers have they added to the system year to date?
  • last_customer_added - when did they add their last customer?

Customer data

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email_address
  • phone_number
  • added_at - when was this customer added to our system?
  • sent_count - how many invitations have we sent this customer?
  • lastsentat - when was our last invitation sent to this customer?
  • is_active - do they currently have invitations scheduled?
  • bounced - TRUE/FALSE
  • delivered - TRUE/FALSE
  • opened - TRUE/FALSE
  • clicked - TRUE/FALSE
  • spam - TRUE/FALSE
  • dropped - TRUE/FALSE
  • unsubscribed - TRUE/FALSE

Updated sign up and login pages





We've updated our own Reviewshake signup and login pages in our push to modernize our entire app. As part of this, we've also updated your white label login pages which now show your agency logo:

Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 11.06.25.png

Updated navigation and menu items





We have completely revamped our dashboard to feature a new navigation, sidebar menu as well as an organization picker in the far left! Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 14.37.39.png