Reviewshake changelog
Reviewshake changelog

A better way to run invite campaigns




Today we released a major update to how our campaigns work. While a lot of things had been changed under the hood, here are the most visible improvements for you:

1) Changes to campaigns apply immediately to all future invites: if you change the template of a campaign, or any settings, these changes will be applied to all the invites that haven't been sent yet.

2) Campaigns can be paused. If, for any reason, you want to immediately stop all the invites sent from a campaign, now you can pause the entire campaign, and no more invites will be sent. Of course, you can restart it (for example, after making some changes) and the invites will continue to be sent from where the campaign left off.


If a customer is assigned to a paused campaign, this will be shown in the timeline.

Paused Campaign.png

As a consequence of the new way that campaigns are run, you won't be able to remove or reschedule invite requests for individual customers. However, with the current and future updates, we expect to cover all the use cases of this functionality.

We are looking forward to your feedback on campaigns!

Scheduled report updates





We recently released the option to save scheduled reports as PDF, and now we are glad to announce to more updates to scheduled reports:

1) Showing comparison with previous period. Next to the values for the average rating, number of reviews and invites sent, you will see some small up/down arrows and a number. This number represents the difference between the time period covered in the report and the previous time period (e.g. if the report is for 1 week, it will compare against the previous week).

2) Total historical values. In addition to the values for the chosen interval in a scheduled report, you can also add the total values for number of reviews, rating and invites sent.


Both these changes have the role of making the scheduled reports more informative for our customers.

Let us know what you think! The Reviewshake Product Team

New Review Sources: App Store and Google Play





We have some good news: we added 2 new review sources for which we have received a lot of requests: App Store from Apple and Play Store from Google.

In order to add them you just need to go to Review Sources and you will find them in the list.


We believe these 2 new review sources will come in handy to you and we are looking forward to add more in the future.

Video Reviews are Here





Today, the long-awaited video reviews feature went live.

As the name implies, this feature allows you to request video reviews for your business using Reviewshake. The best part is that it's all integrated within our system: you just click a checkbox to enable video reviews, and they will show up in your landing page, widgets, social sharing, as well as all the dashboard stats. You don't need to worry about storage, formats or anything else - it will just work. Users can record their video on any device - phone, tablet or computer.

Here are a few reasons for adding video reviews to your marketing mix:

  1. They are more personal and authentic. Seeing a real person talking about your business is much more powerful than just a text.
  2. People are more likely to remember details from watching a video than from reading a text.
  3. Videos are a great marketing material, especially on social media, where they generate more reach and engagement than static posts.

You can activate video reviews from your review sources screen:



You can find out more about video reviews by reading our blog post.

This is still a work in progress, so we are looking forward to your feedback.

Happy Friday! The Reviewshake team

Agency sign up

We have just released sign up for agency customers, which is one of the major features in the roadmap.

This feature allows new customers to sign up automatically by appending /auth/signup to the custom domain URL that is used by the agency. Using the sign up form (pictured below), they will create a new user and a new client, assuming that there are available seats left. Moreover, the admin users of the agency will be notified of the new customer.


The sign up feature is not activated by default. To activate it, you need to go to Configurations -> General Settings, and click on the "Allow client sign ups (including for existing customers)" toggle.


As a bonus, this new feature allows you to provide a sign up link for existing customers, too. You can obtain the link for each client by going to Configurations -> Agency -> Clients.


Tell us what you think about this new feature, as well as any suggestions for future improvements.

Platform refactoring





Since the beginning of April, we have been working hard to improve our codebase and the way Reviewshake works in the backend. As a result, we deployed a major update today. There should be no difference in how the platform works and looks, other than faster loading times for some pages.

However, if you find any consistency issues, let us know and we will act on them swiftly.

The Reviewshake Product Team

Exporting reports as PDF

Hi everybody!

We just released an often requested feature: exporting scheduled reports in PDF format. You will see the possibility to export in several places:

1) Every email (both automatic and manual) sent containing a scheduled report will have the PDF version attached.

2) In the list of reports, you will have a button for each report to view its current version as PDF.


3) You will also see the button to export to PDF when viewing a scheduled report in the browser.

We are aiming to make the PDF version look as similar as possible to the HTML version, but please let us know if you find any discrepancies between the two.

Have a great weekend! The Reviewshake Team

Improved Dashboard Speed





Hi there!

You might have noticed that since last week the admin dashboard is loading much faster. While for customers with a lot of data (reviews, invitations) it previously took more than 30 seconds for the dashboard to load, the loading time has been reduced to a couple of seconds.

The reason for this improvement is that we optimized the way the information in the dashboard has been calculated. This will both make it easier and faster to view the information from the dashboard, as well as avoid potential loading issue in the future.

We'll be back with new updates soon!

Brand Audit Widget





Today, we are happy to announce that we released the Brand Audit Widget.

The widget is available to our agency customers and will allow them to offer their users a free audit report and thus turn them into potential leads.

You can find the embed code by clicking the "Brand Audit Widget" item in the Configurations menu. There, you can both see the embeddable code snippet, as well as track the generated leads (i.e. contact data for users that used the widget).

The data included in the report includes how many reviews they have, and from what sources, the breakdown of the review score per source, as well as an estimated sentiment distribution of their reviews.

You can see the brand audit widget in action (e.g. what a normal user of the widget will receive) here:

Reports Show Stats From a Longer Timeframe by Default





We have changed the date range displayed by default in the My Reports section (which is found under Reports -> My Reports).

Previously, the default range was limited to the most recent ~3 years, but we now show the entire period from the date of the first available review until the present time. This means that users will see stats for our entire dataset from the first click.

Of course, our date filtering options are still available, so it is easy to choose any particular time interval for which you wish to see the available stats.