Release 7.8.2

  • Marketing Dashboard - Leads tab
  • Sales Dashboard - Activities tab
  • Sales Dashboard - Sales tab
  • Sales Dashboard - Pipelines tab
  • Menu changes to include all the new dashboards

Release 7.8.1

  • When a task is marked as complete, done on date is stored
  • Marketing Dashboard - showing Campaigns & automated Campaign summaries.
  • New Menu that shows all Marketing options
  • Settings > Contact Stage screen modification to show both meaning and label for each stage.
  • A new contact stage is now added for inactive customers.

Release 7.8

  • Move attachment storage to Amazon S3 and increase max file size to 5MB, for contacts, organizations and deals.
  • Sales CRM for teams - Adding teams and team manager role.

Release 7.7.12

  • New free eCommerce basic plan is available

Release 7.7.11

  • Fixed: nav links for a case for 1) Import in "Add" button group on contact screen 2) List image src in list page
  • Fixed: Larger Newsletters (>100K) blocked
  • Fixed: Frequency of Some maintenance jobs (e.g. checks on dups, sync to own account) due to missing dependency

Release 7.7.10b

  • WooCommerce Order Line details to show variant name not just product name

Release 7.7.10

  • Update: iOS App push notification certificate update
  • Owner can specify which users can delete or export customers.
  • Adding a new user level, that allows current user role to see all customers information e.g. customer service role, also renaming existing user role to restricted user.

Release 7.7.9

  • Fixed: a corner case of getting a notification "You received a new email from Customer" although there is no response from customer.
  • Fixed: Sending email from profile page, without changing the "To" did show "Please provide an email"

Release 7.7.8

  • Fixed: Popup edit contact : input data then click cancel open again data still appear.
  • Fixed: an issue while removing a customer from a List, on customer profile page.
  • New: Onboarding - WooCommerce Store owners, the buttons should show a hint on click saying "Link will open in a new tab"

Release 7.7.7

  • CRM application placeholder: replacing Customers, Tasks, Deals, Newsletters and automations placeholders and better video pop-up
  • Fixed: a case where "Within" operator showed as "equal" in edits.