Release 7.6.4

  • Display the latest abandoned Cart Info and details popup in Customer profile view
  • BigCommerce - sync now includes retrieving a list of subscribers from store and adding them to the CRM with the appropriate tags and marketing preference.
  • Replace current "Whats new" block on guest screens ( login/signup .. etc ) to show the release notes from our system

Release 7.6.3

  • Ability to setup SPF (under settings) for better email deliverability‚Äč

Release 7.6.2

  • Fix a scenario for adding a tag in bulk action
  • Fix segment contact sync to Contact Contact for further results

Release 7.6.1

  • eCommerce - All 6 store analytics screens, implement currency format for dollar spent eg. 388430.59 should be 388,430.59
  • eCommerce - Add "Show more" after 5th line of Order details in the order tab.

Release 7.6.0

  • Import and Export automations
  • New view for the line items in the order details screen with SKU, regular & discounted price, plus shipping tracking URL
  • Shopify - Bidirectional Tags update ( Remove tag when remove from store, And optionally override store tags using CRM value )

Release 7.5.15

  • BigCommerce - glad to share that guest customers with abandon carts are now added as contacts to Revamp CRM. Guest customers were added as contacts when they only place an order.
  • Shopify: add shipment tracking links in order details popup, next to each order item.
  • Automation option to remove assigned user, we have added the ability to assign to a contact to none, as part of an automation step.

Release 7.5.14

  • Add title, email and phone in the organization contacts' tab

Release 7.5.13

  • We're excited to announce the full support for German language (web & mobile apps), as well as the launch of the German public website.
  • Harvest Integration API upgrade to V2

Release 7.5.11

  • Updated WooCommerce Plugin to include saving coupons & cancel reasons
  • Deals TimeLine view, a much faster "view contact" in a deal card
  • Update our follow-up Emails for trial customers

Release 7.5.12

  • Remove 'Do not want to receive any more emails ?' from smart-inbox emails
  • BigCommerce - Upgrade to use the new Customers API V3 to use less time for loading customers

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