Release 7.7.10

  • Update: iOS App push notification certificate update
  • Owner can specify which users can delete or export customers.
  • Adding a new user level, that allows current user role to see all customers information e.g. customer service role, also renaming existing user role to restricted user.

Release 7.7.9

  • Fixed: a corner case of getting a notification "You received a new email from Customer" although there is no response from customer.
  • Fixed: Sending email from profile page, without changing the "To" did show "Please provide an email"

Release 7.7.8

  • Fixed: Popup edit contact : input data then click cancel open again data still appear.
  • Fixed: an issue while removing a customer from a List, on customer profile page.
  • New: Onboarding - WooCommerce Store owners, the buttons should show a hint on click saying "Link will open in a new tab"

Release 7.7.7

  • CRM application placeholder: replacing Customers, Tasks, Deals, Newsletters and automations placeholders and better video pop-up
  • Fixed: a case where "Within" operator showed as "equal" in edits.

Release 7.7.6

  • BigCommerce eCommerce plan : add hint in total sales, explain that this value includes cancel ,tax ,shipping ,,Etc.. in store analytics
  • Fixed: a case in advanced search, where results show for the account owner but does not for a user.
  • Fixed: a case in Persons CSV import.
  • Fixed: a case where sales funnel does not show deals at end of a quarter

Release 7.7.5

  • Fixed: Deleting a Task does not update contact NextDueTask to null if no other tasks existed.
  • Fixed: Store analytics - Percentage beside categories and others sometimes exceed 100%.
  • Fixed: a case where LinkedIn Login is not working

Release 7.7.4

  • Add tracking link to products line for bigcommerce and woocommerce orders
  • Add Quick Edit from within the Contacts view
  • Show iOS App button (in addition to the Android) when a user is viewing the CRM web app from mobile

Release 7.7.3

  • Add/Edit Contact is now a pop-up (instead of a page) with much faster performance.
  • Google Login is now supported for all users not only the account owner.

Release 7.7.2

  • Fixed: a corner scenario where a new Sales accounts has no Menu items.
  • Fixed: Customer can not remove BCC from paused automation mail step
  • Fixed: Automations - Send Mail step sent count did not update correctly on a corner case.
  • Fixed: Dropbox attachment showing invalid origin warning

Release 7.7.0

  • eCommerce Onboarding - Initial Store sync: show sync progress all the time instead of a closable pop-up and reload analytics screen when done.
  • On-screen on-baording tours, will replace current FirstTime Popup for both sales and eCommerce plans.
  • eCommerce - cleaner top menu:Deals Reports & Deals Menu Items are now disabled by default for Ecommerce Plans.
  • eCommerce Onboarding - User selecting shopify/bigcommerce will be marked as such, even before providing a store url.