Responsively changelog
Responsively changelog

v0.11.0 - Easier dev-tools switching and configurable screenshot strategy 🚀


New Release



New 🎊

  • The dev tools window now has a drop-down menu that lists the devices in preview, this can be used to know the currently active device and switch between devices easily.
  • Added a user preference option to not hide fixed positioned elements in screenshots as requested by users.

Improvements ✨

  • Automatically detecting the local filesystem path entered in the address bar and adding file:// protocol.
  • Cleaned up the device toolbar and moved less frequent options into a menu.

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Disable event mirroring option is back again(previously, it was disabled due to a bug after we moved to browser-sync).
  • Fixed a bug in screenshots that were caused by the event mirroring mechanism.

If you are not already auto-updated to v0.11.0, please update it from here -

PS: We just crossed 7,000 stars on GitHub, check out our repo here: