Responsively changelog
Responsively changelog

v0.10.0 - Quick Screenshot 📸 and auto-reloading improvements


New Release



New 🎊

  • Quick Screenshot option to instantly capture the visible portion of the screen as opposed to waiting for the full page capture.📸

Improvements ✨

  • Improved auto-reloading for local HTML files by watching .css and .js file changes.
  • Added some more standard device profiles for desktop, like 4K displays.

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Hidden scrollbar on non-root elements on mobile devices.
  • Restoring the scroll position on page reload(fixed on the previous release).

If you are not already auto-updated to v0.10.0, please update it from here -

PS: We moved the repo to a public org responsively-org account on Github from the personal account: Check it out: