Responsively changelog
Responsively changelog

Revamped Event Mirroring(including input fields) ⌨ - v0.7.0


New Release



New 🎊

  • Revamped event mirroring using browser-sync, this helps in mirroring text typed into input fields as well. ✨
  • Option to add a border to the devices to differentiate them from the dark background color. 🌈

Improvements ✨

  • User preference option to set a custom location for the screenshots folder. 📸
  • Zoom the devices using mouse-wheel action. 🔍

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Responsive Mode device bugs fixed.
  • Address bar URL syncing bug fixed
  • Devtools extension ID validation added.

If you are not already auto-updated to v0.7.0, please update it from here -