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Minor improvements and bug fixes πŸ˜…


Today we're rolling out a few smaller updates and bug fixes to get your weekend started right:

  • We've fixed a bug that would improperly show a red warning banner when replying to certain conversations. We're so sorry for any stress caused here!
  • Twitter Direct Messages can now be translated. Translate all the things!
  • Teams can now moderate Facebook Comments directly from Respond. Removing inappropriate comments on posts and ads is now a snap.

New Tag Settings and Options


Today we're giving teams more control over tags:

To take advantage of this update head to Settings > Tags where you can:

  • Create – new tags quickly without applying to them to a conversation first.
  • Edit – edit existing tag names and colors (including setting no color at all).
  • Sidebar visibility – choose to hide or show a tag folder in the sidebar. Great for hiding tag folders you're no longer using.
  • Menu visibility – choose to hide or show tags in menus. Great for hiding tags that are automatically applied to conversations and used for reporting only.

We're also changing a few defaults today too:

  • New tags will no longer be assigned a color by default. Instead, you can choose to set a color to give tags even more meaning (and make them easier to spot in lists).
  • New tags will be visible in the folder sidebar as well as in menus by default.

Facebook: likes are here + more room for messages


Today we're excited to release two smaller updates to our Facebook integration:

  • Facebook Likes – you can now like a Facebook comment directly from Respond. Go forth and spread the love.
  • Longer private messages – with a recent change to the Facebook API you can now send longer private messages from Respond – from a previously stifling 320 characters per reply to a mow much roomier 640 characters.

There's so much more coming to our Facebook integration too like comment moderation (hiding and deleting inappropriate comments) and support for more interactions like page posts and Facebook groups.

Mute Users, Spam, Move to Folder and Raw Conversation Exports


Fresh off a team retreat in Madrid, we're thrilled to be releasing a few much requested features and updates:

  • Mute (block) users – you can now mute users directly from the contact sidebar profile. The current conversation, and any future ones, will automatically land in the all new spam folder. Note that currently this will only affect Respond (we won't modify your respective social profile settings).
  • Move to folder – we've made it easy to quickly organize and triage conversations with a new move to folder option. Easily move conversations from the team inbox to a folder (or back to the team inbox). Much like Gmail, Tags and Folders can be used together, interchangeably or on their own.
  • Raw conversation exports – from the overview report you can now export raw conversations in addition to high level metrics. With raw conversation exports you can see the text content (and much more) of every sent and received item for a given time range. This can be used to review team members sent replies for training or to quickly pull all received conversations with a given tag.

Minor improvements and bug fixes 😘


Today we're rolling out a number of small fixes and improvements. Who says great things don't come in tiny releases?

  • Back by popular demand you can now close conversations with the E hotkey (in addition to C). Sometimes convention must prevail. πŸ™
  • We fixed a bug that would only ever allow you to insert smile emojis in notes. Go forth and express yourself fully now.
  • Tweets sent back to back from Respond (Tweetstormsβ„’) now thread or chain properly on Twitter (each Tweet sent is now in reply to the previous Tweet sent).
  • We've fixed a small bug that prevented the tab hotkey from un-focusing the composer. You can once again use tab and enter/return hotkeys to focus and un-focus the composer.
  • We've fixed a small bug that caused the character counter not to update correct after changing your signature.
  • Really long thread items now force a line break instead of running off the screen.

πŸ“ˆ New in Reports: Facebook, Drilldowns and an Improved Team Report


Today we're thrilled to ship some great new improvements to Reports!

Facebook All reports now include Facebook:

You can easily see things like average time to first reply or overall volume across both Twitter and Facebook, side-by-side, and so much more. We've also updated all of our export options to include this new data from your Facebook conversations. It's a much more comprehensive experience overall.


We're also rolling out an all new feature for reporting: drilldowns. Curious about a spike in new conversations last Monday? Click on that day in the Overview chart to see a filtered list of conversations created on that day. Want to quickly view all conversations from last month with a specific tag? Set your date range and click on the chosen tag in our pie chart.

Today we're launching 3 one-click drilldowns with more to come:

  • By day – click on any day in the Overview chart to view conversations created on that day.
  • By tag – click on any tag in Overview report to see all conversations w/ the chosen tag in your selected time range.
  • By open status – click on open conversations the Engagement report to quickly spot long open conversations.

Improved Team Reports

Lastly, we've made a few small improvements to our team report including:

  • An all new top row of high level stats
  • A filtered list view that now only shows team members with data for the given time range
  • Facebook data on a granular per team member basis

Minor updates and improvements


  • Copied Twitter links now use the full status URL and unfurl nicely in Slack.
  • Small change to translations: original text will always be shown with an option to translate.
  • Agent names for Facebook Message replies are now shown (instead of the Facebook page name)
  • We've removed an extra space that was added to Twitter Invite to DM links.
  • We've fixed a small bug that would prevent some conversations from loading when a connected Facebook page had been removed. πŸ˜…

New inbox filter + minor improvements


A few small updates for your Monday 😊

  • We've rolled out a new inbox filter option to make it easy to see just Twitter Direct Messages or Facebook Comments for example.
  • We squashed a bug that was adding an extra space to Tweets when using the invite to DM link (thanks David!)
  • We've rolled out new docs for reports. You'll now see quick links to them directly from each report.
  • We now show more of your Facebook pages (up to 250) when connecting a new channel. Users with a ton of pages rejoice πŸ™Œ.

Our Slack integration: now more powerful


Today we're rolling out a freshly updated Slack integration for Respond 2, with full support for our Facebook integration πŸ™Œ.

Your team can now easily stay in sync by sending selected activity directly to Slack. Read more about our Slack integration in our docs.

Facebook Comments have arrived πŸ™Œ


After an extensive private beta we're thrilled to be rolling out support for Facebook comments to all customers. This new channel makes it easier than ever to engage with your customers across all of your Twitter and Facebook profiles in one place.

To get started head to Settings > Channels and connect a new Facebook page or enable comments for an existing one.

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