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Billing tab update + minor bug fixes 😅


  • The billing tab now shows your current plan limits including users, channels and contacts
  • Fixes a bug that might cause the wrong reply accoun to be chosen (Twitter only)
  • Fixes a bug that could prevent you from sending a reply when an existing draft exists

Follow Twitter users + easily copy a link to a tweet


Happy Monday! To kick off this week we're releasing a few minor updates and a handful of bug fixes:

  • You can now follow Twitter users directly from Respond. We've added a brand new button in the profile sidebar or you can use the hotkey W ⚡️
  • Each Tweet now includes a new menu item to 'Copy link to Tweet'.
  • We fixed a bug that might prevent users from sending a Twitter reply when it contained a trailing @mention
  • We fixed a bug that could cause the wrong Twitter reply account to be selected
  • Several bug fixes and improvements for keyboard shortcuts

Help Scout Docs integration


Today we're shipping a new Help Scout integration. You can now insert links to your most popular support articles in your replies directly from Respond:

See our docs for details.

Reply account switching is here


If your team is connecting multiple Twitter accounts you can now choose which account you're replying from on the fly:

We'll choose the best reply account automatically (or use your preferences).

One important note: you'll only be able to change your reply account for Tweets due to the way direct messages and Facebook work.

Search has landed 🔎


It's now easier than ever to find a past conversation with a customer. Search by Twitter @username or a customers full name to quickly find conversations across Twitter and Facebook:

November bug fixes and improvements


In between all the amazing new stuff we're releasing the team is hard at work on lots of little items like bug fixes and minor improvements. Here's the latest:

  • Inbox is now automatically refreshed to get the latest conversations
  • Our new account switcher is hidden if you've only connected 1 Twitter account
  • Composer now shows a character counter for Facebook private message replies
  • Tag report data can now be exported. Yay!
  • Team member activity can now be exported in bulk
  • Fixes a bug that could allow users to send a blank Twitter reply
  • User emails for invites and login are no longer case-SeNsitivE ;-)
  • Capital letters no longer break emoji picker search 😅
  • Tag folder counts now update your browser tab title
  • Tooltips on composer buttons are now much more reliable
  • Floating note tooltip is now fixed
  • Updating team member roles is now instant
  • You can now undo links added to the composer via our Help Scout Docs integration
  • Auto-assign to me now working much more reliable
  • In Channel settings we now show Facebook page IDs if they exist
  • Improvements to search accuracy

You can now report on your tags ⚡️


Your Conversation report will now show you a detailed breakdown of your tag usage:

This works great for conversations you're manually tagging today but is even more powerful when combined with our automations that can tag conversations based on things like phrases, keywords, language and more! And like all reports, you can export this data for further analysis too.

Interested in setting up automations for your team? Shoot us direct message to learn more 😊

View filters, Reply-all and Auto Assignments


Today we're shipping a number of small improvements to make things even better in Respond.

View Filters

First up is visibility filters in tag folders. Now you can quickly choose to see everything, only open conversations or only closed conversations:

Reply vs Reply-all

As conversations on Twitter expand you'll often want to include everyone in your reply. Today we've included a new user preference to make this a snap:

Auto-assign On Reply

This new user setting will automatically self-assign any conversations you reply to. That way, when a customer replies it will immediately be routed to your inbox where you can quickly pick up the conversation where you left off and ensure your customers have a great 1:1 experience.

Note: you can also do this on a one-off basis by using the 'Reply + Close + Assign To Me' option in the reply button menu.

Easily spot new conversations and those you've already replied to


Today we're rolling out a small improvement to help you easily spot new conversations and those you've already replied to (and are now awaiting a customer reply).

Bug fixes, improvements to tags and user presence


  • Numerous character counter bug fixes including an odd one with emojis inserted at the start or end of a Tweet reply
  • Several updates to improve the reliability of presence avatars
  • There's now a refresh button to manually fetch the latest conversations and replies...
  • ... and we now refresh your inbox automatically every few minutes too when you're idle. Leave that tab open, baby!
  • Browser tab now shows the number of open conversations in your current inbox
  • Tags folders now only include open conversations in the badge count
  • URLs and @mentions are now proper links in translated Tweets
  • Minor fixes to report tooltip formatting
  • Reply shortcut label fixed - thanks Matt @SamCartApp!

Improvements to tags and reply-all comes to the composer


  • Tags are now sorted alphabetically. More great stuff coming to tags soon too ;-)
  • The composer now defaults to reply-all and pre-populates all @mentioned users in the conversation automatically.
  • Various fixes for the composer character counter
  • Reporting tooltips now show proper time units where applicable

Reports: new high level metrics + visual refresh


Fresh new reports are here. Key metrics are now displayed on top for quick easy access while everything else has received a nice coat of polish.

Lots of bug fixes and minor improvements


Today we've released a TON of fixes and minor updates for our lovely customers: 

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from sending a tweet that ended with an @mention
  • You can now see the status of your connected Twitter accounts in Settings
  • Fixed a bug where updating your profile image would replace the image of your teammates's profile in the online avatars :-D
  • Fixed a small bug that could leave your loading indicator running. Where was it going? 
  • Previous conversations can now be opened in a new tab by cmd/ctrl+clicking
  • Composer now properly selects the reply type based on the last reply (public Tweet or Direct Message)
  • You can now send just an image as a reply to a Tweet or DM
  • Invite to DM links now included in the composer character counter
  • Invite to DM link now toggles instead of adding duplicate links to your composer
  • Green action bar now auto-hides after a few seconds (show when you close or assign a conversation)
  • You can now enlarge DM images again. Sorry about that!
  • Copy / paste and insert bugs have been fixed in the composer
  • Links in notes now open in a new tab

Manage conversations in bulk


You can now manage conversations in bulk while in any folder view. Select a few or select all and tag, assign, or close in one fell swoop :-)

Facebook Messenger Beta


Today we're excited to start rolling out our Facebook Messenger Beta to a handful of customers. When enabled, you'll begin to see both Twitter and Facebook conversations in your inbox:

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