New: Facebook wall posts ✍️


It's Friday and we've got a nice little update to start your weekend right.

Today we're rolling out support for Facebook wall posts (visitor posts). Along with comments on your own posts, you can now reply to visitor wall posts, and comments on those posts, too.

If you've already connected a Facebook page to Respond there's nothing you need to do. New wall posts (and their comments) will start appearing in your team inbox shortly.

Twitter: more room for replies


Today we're rolling out an update to give teams more room when replying to Tweets. Specifically, these items will no longer count toward your 140-character limit:

  • @names when replying to a Tweet
  • Media attachments like gifs or images
  • Invite to Direct Message links

Minor improvements and bug fixes 🐛


Today we're fixing a few pesky bugs:

  • Tweet likes should now be in sync when switching between Twitter accounts for replies. Thanks Mateusz!
  • Facebook comment replies are no longer treated like Tweets and limited to 140 characters. Yikes, sorry about that one!
  • "Could not get friendship status" errors are now greatly reduced. We hope we're still friends ;-).
  • Minor copy fixes – Instargram is now Instagram.

Instagram Early Access


Today we're rolling out early access to our latest channel integration: Instagram 🚀.

If your team is interested in getting early access before the full release later this month, shoot us a Facebook message, Twitter DM or email.

New: date presets for reports 📈


We added a few new improvements to date picking in reports including preset date ranges, and an all new date picker for custom date ranges:

Minor improvements and bug fixes 🐞


Today we're releasing a handful of improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • You can now send more than one Facebook Message outside of a 24 hour window, making it possible to follow up with users long after the fact. Hooray!
  • Slack notification settings for Facebook are back from vacation now available again.
  • You can now select and apply bulk actions to conversations even if a team member is currently viewing a specific conversation.
  • You can now choose to reply to a previous Tweet (a Tweet earlier in a conversation before your account is @mentioned).
  • Including an "Invite to DM link" now adds a visual indicator to the composer instead of an actual link.
  • Tag / folder color dots are now squares to avoid confusion with other status indicators. ⚫️ ➡ ⬛️

Reporting: exports and tag improvements


Today we're adding a few improvements to Reports, including:

First reply times now included in exports

We now include first reply times (in seconds, minutes and hours) for all conversations with the Conversation Details export from your Overview report.

Filter by uncategorized conversations

From your Overview report, you can now quickly filter and view all uncategorized conversations (conversations with no tags applied) for a given time range.

Minor improvements and bug fixes 😅


Today we're rolling out a few smaller updates and bug fixes to get your weekend started right:

  • We've fixed a bug that would improperly show a red warning banner when replying to certain conversations. We're so sorry for any stress caused here!
  • Twitter Direct Messages can now be translated. Translate all the things!
  • Teams can now moderate Facebook Comments directly from Respond. Removing inappropriate comments on posts and ads is now a snap.

New Tag Settings and Options


Today we're giving teams more control over tags:

To take advantage of this update head to Settings > Tags where you can:

  • Create – new tags quickly without applying to them to a conversation first.
  • Edit – edit existing tag names and colors (including setting no color at all).
  • Sidebar visibility – choose to hide or show a tag folder in the sidebar. Great for hiding tag folders you're no longer using.
  • Menu visibility – choose to hide or show tags in menus. Great for hiding tags that are automatically applied to conversations and used for reporting only.

We're also changing a few defaults today too:

  • New tags will no longer be assigned a color by default. Instead, you can choose to set a color to give tags even more meaning (and make them easier to spot in lists).
  • New tags will be visible in the folder sidebar as well as in menus by default.

Facebook: likes are here + more room for messages


Today we're excited to release two smaller updates to our Facebook integration:

  • Facebook Likes – you can now like a Facebook comment directly from Respond. Go forth and spread the love.
  • Longer private messages – with a recent change to the Facebook API you can now send longer private messages from Respond – from a previously stifling 320 characters per reply to a mow much roomier 640 characters.

There's so much more coming to our Facebook integration too like comment moderation (hiding and deleting inappropriate comments) and support for more interactions like page posts and Facebook groups.

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