New product features 2019/12/20

New features

  1. Event reminder emails
  2. Change map feature
  3. Video recording

Improvements 2019/12/20

  1. When new user hits event view page directly, take them to landing page for signup and then redirect to event view
  2. Send an email right after use signs up for an event either as logged in user or not logged in.
  3. Event time creation and event Start date or end date cannot be in the pastThe start date must be before the end dateEvent time modificationStart time

Bug Fixes 2019/12/20

  1. Old event links do not work, see infinite loading
  2. Logging into event does not load
  3. Mic, cam, speaker, screenshare are not registering correctly as an ID in heap
  4. When event is ended, timer should not show to users on event landing page
  5. Add to your calendar to outlook and ical is not working (Email reminders and Confirmation email)
  6. Manually End event session is not working showing as "you do not have permission"
  7. Export CVS, downloading empty file
  8. Cannot scrolll down the mic/cam test pages they all need to be able to scroll down
  9. When we stop the broadcast recording we are not getting the notification at top "Recording Saved. You can download it in Event settings panel"
  10. When connect to Linked in profile it showing Bummer, Something went wrong
  11. When click on "Click Here to access the event", should open up the signup window
  12. Default theme is selected though i have selected different one when creating the event
  13. One of the window system, left navigation options are overlapping
  14. When new event is created which is not showing under my events unless we refresh the page
  15. 'Save me a spot' button not converted to 'Joing Event Now' button, once seconds reach to 00
  16. Back ground image is not showing on Event landing page
  17. Echo when turning on mic first
  18. SAFARI : Getting Mic echo
  19. SAFARI : When admin start the broadcast, for users in safari its showing profile image and error message at top
  20. SAFARI : When other users share their video and mic, for safari users its showing as Video format is not supported
  21. so I am leaving the space see white screenwhen I move to another table table in this space
  22. I moved the event start date to the past, but the end date is still in the future, and the event cannot start and is shown in past. It should still be in ongoing.
  23. When entering a company name that already exists, it says "Fail to save company info"
  24. Cannot change table name in event
  25. Edge : Broadcast stream video boxes are returned with "Unable to subscribe to stream in a reasonable …."
  26. When the system is wokeup from sleep, the users are not connected back to internet
  27. 7 people layout a little buggy
  28. When admin refreshes in broadcast mode, the youtube live stream stops
  29. Layout seems to go off when there are 6 or 7 people
  30. RemoteForever Space cannot see myself if I login
  31. Edge : Mic and Cam setting are not showing
  32. Change table name does not work for migrated events
  33. [Migrate Issue] Suddenly broadcast will turn on cannot turn off
  34. Timer cannot turn on after turn off, and timer turns on for all admins