Big updates to our Slack integration

RelayPad helps organize and share your team’s best ideas, and now it’s easier to do that without leaving Slack. We’ve added the following features to the RelayPad Slack app:

  • Preview RelayPad notes shared in Slack - When you share a link to a RelayPad note in a channel or conversation, Slack will unfurl the URL to show a preview of the note’s content.
  • Search your team’s published notes - Just type /relaypad search [your text] in any channel to search your team’s published notes.
  • Receive RelayPad notifications right in Slack - Want to know when someone @mentions you or comments on your note? You can now get a DM when that happens.
  • Save Slack messages as RelayPad notes - The next time someone shares a brilliant idea in a chat, start a RelayPad note with that message using the actions menu in Slack.

These features are available today to all teams that have added the RelayPad integration in Slack. To do that, install the RelayPad app from the Slack App Directory