Small improvements

In the export views, you can now:

  • Search for transactions of a specific price through the export view.
  • See who has created the transaction (if someone other than the user created a transaction for the user).

Other improvements:

  • The VAT code is now hidden for accountants of non-profit organisations.
  • Managers can now delete unwanted users who joined their companies through the self-service form.

Change the approval cycle

You can now change the approval cycle of a single transaction that has not yet been sent to accounting. The new approvers can be anyone in your company, but by default only managers and accountants can change the approval cycle.

Please contact our support team if you also want employees to be able to change the approval cycle.

Other improvements:

  • You can now save changes to a draft in the web app and get back to it later.
  • The account number to trigger reimbursements can now be changed to any account you wish.
  • Approvers can now see the transactions they have approved in the export views.

Bug fixes:

  • Sorting transactions in the export view now works properly again.
  • Emails sent from the iPhones mail app are now properly added to receiptcamera.

An easier way to add multiple mileage claims at once

We've just made the process of adding many mileage claims at once a lot easier by adding a new route field to the mileage claim form.

Other improvements:

  • The images in the PDF files we send to accounting are now properly organised.
  • The export views for mileages and daily allowances are now hidden from users whose companies have not activated the mileage and daily allowance features.

Missing receipts reminder improvements

  • Receiptcamera now automatically fetches the credit card bills from Netvisor on an hourly basis, imports new ones and matches the credit card bill lines with corresponding receipts. After that we still do a manual check to make sure that we don't send a reminder for receipts that have already been submitted. Once this is done we send a reminder of the receipts that are still missing from Receiptcamera in the preferred language of the user.
  • Credit card bills are now easier to send to receiptcamera via our API.
  • The date of the purchase is now added to the description sent to Netvisor.

Other improvements:

  • IBANs are now automatically validated.
  • BICs are now automatically calculated based on IBANs.
  • The day when transactions were sent to accounting are now shown in the export views.

Copying Mileage and Daily Allowance claims

Need to copy a mileage or a daily allowance to another user? Or just want to copy it to yourself? Then we have good news for you.

Receiptcamera now allows you to copy mileage and daily allowance claims to yourself, or to multiple other users. This can be done from the upper-right corner menu on the form after it has been saved:

This menu will be used for lots of cool advanced features that we'll be rolling out soon.

Other improvements:

  • The creator of a mileage claim is now automatically added as a passenger
  • Users invited via the excel import tool will now have their language set to the company's default language
  • Small Finvoice improvements

FI: Valtion matkustussäännön tukeminen

Receiptcamera ilmoittaa nyt valtion matkustussäännön piirissä olevalle käyttäjälle, jos hänen matkakilometrinsä lähestyvät 5000 kilometriä. Kun tämä ilmoitus lähetetään käyttäjälle, tukemme varmistaa, että käyttäjän kilometrikohtainen korvaus muutetaan valtion matkustussääntöjen mukaisesti.

Better batching

Receiptcamera used to send transactions to bookkeeping during the morning for companies that had either the "daily", the "weekly" or "last day of the month" -option selected in their company settings. However, the "last day of the month" option has now been improved so that the transactions are sent in at midnight. This way even the transactions sent in on the last day of the month will be included in the batch.

Less is more

We want to make the entire expense-claim process as easy as possible. Sometimes that means removing unnecessary information from users, which is exactly what we have done in this release.

  • The Taxable and Tax fields are now hidden from companies who do not need to deduct tax.
  • The Daily Allowance and Mileage forms can now be hidden entirely
  • Normal users will no longer be able to edit their own Mileage and Daily Allowance settings.

Other improvements:

  • Employees who are approvers can no-longer delete transactions that are waiting for their approval. Managers and Accountants can still delete receipts that are waiting for their approval.
  • The company policy text fields in the company settings view is now only editable by beta-users

Re-ordering lists

Alphabetically ordered the following:

  • Users list
  • Cost Center's list
  • Company-changing menu

Bug fixes & other small changes:

  • Removed the video from the welcome-message in order to make the first receiptcamera experience of new users even more intuitive.
  • Managers viewing users who are in multiple receiptcamera-companies can now see, but not edit the users IBAN account.

New profile page

Front-page improvements:

  • Users can now easily access their profile from an icon in the upper-right corner.
  • The "New Expense" and "Approve all" buttons are now more visible.

Profile-page improvements:

  • The profile-page has been improved to make it easier for users to edit their own information.
  • Users can now easily find their own receiptcamera email adress to which they can forward their emails.
  • Expenses can now be added from the profile (and all other settings) pages.

Bug fixes:

  • Drafts can now be moved to the next stage without updating the description.

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