RealmJoin Platform changelog
RealmJoin Platform changelog

RealmJoin v4.13.12

  • Add support for shared computers and secondary-identity deployments.
  • Add user-part scripts to choco packages.
  • Tag software that is available on "this device only".
  • Collect BranchCache information.
  • Show Primary User instead of the user's name in the tray menu.
  • Provide software packages with RJ_PrimaryUserID and RJ_PrimaryUserName.
  • Collect .NET framework information.
  • Provide software packages with onPremisesExtensionAttributes.
  • Auto-wrap choco args command line. No need for -params anymore.
  • Record more choco package infos on client.
  • Add RJ_CallerIsPrimaryUser to craft package setup.
  • Tweak web link list.
  • Fix a minor issue when forcing an update channel.
  • WebLinks now recieve more environment variables.