Credit Cards are now accepted directly

Now Credit cards and Paypal both option available for payment

Trial System

30 days trial is now available to all users

Coupon Code System has been added

new Promo codes shall be available soon

Default Brand Option

Option to select default brand option in amazon affiliate feature.

Edit URL option fixed

Edit url option was looking odd in tablet UI. Has been fixed

Mobile UI fixes

Certain elements were not proper in mobile UI

Amazon Affiliate Feature

Amazon affiliate feature allows user to add any amazon url and automatically convert it into their affiliate url and also you can signup for various amazon affiliate sites and then use it to earn revenue.. In each brand you can put all 15 amazon sites affiliate tracking ids. It will automatically find the products on other amazon sites and will redirect the user based on GEOIP.

www version fixed

www version now redirects to non www version

Url Validation

Url Validation added in the url backup feature

Backdrop Fixed

Backdrop was not visible in certain places in tutorial feature. Fixed it.