React App builder changes
React App builder changes

v 12.0.2






  • Inserting pricing images bug removed
  • In the terminal, you can now use rab instead of rabinstaller
  • No Need to TinyMCE API key
  • Workflow for submitting iPhone app
  • Easier AppMaker docs cloning
  • New docs


  • Item uncategorized state
  • Preview app display

Updated Files

  1. (Edit) Builder/src/components/fields/HTML.js
  2. (Edit) Builder/public/index.html
  3. (New) Builder/public/assets/js/tinymce/js/tinymce
  4. (Edit) Builder/src/components/fields/Relation.js
  5. (Edit) Builder/src/containers/Builder/Preview.js
  6. (Edit) Builder/src/containers/Builder/Submit.js
  7. (Deleted) AppMakerDocs

To update from previous version

-- Option 1

  1. Update rabinstaller. npm install rabinstaller -g
  2. Change/add the updated/added files, download from codecanyon
  3. Run rabinstaller and select Deploy builder page to update your builder page.

-- Option 2

  1. Update rabinstaller. npm install rabinstaller -g
  2. Download code from codecanyon, and unzip it.
  3. Use project_config.json from your old install
  4. Run rabinstaller and do step 1 and 2