RE-88 changelog
RE-88 changelog


  • Added a new experimental system which provides more in-depth details to logging. For now, when a message is deleted the bot will should now show a new field called "Deleted by" to show who deleted the message.

  • The duel command will now include a dice roll to randomly select a winner of the duel.


  • Added commands for iam [character name] on [server name], whoami and whois @mention.
  • You can now store your character with us, sorry for now, we're only allowing you to save one character per user.


  • The bot will now attempt to DM a user upon assigning or removing a role using the role system.


  • Added the lightning @mention gif command.
  • Added more gifs to the duel @mention command.
  • Fixed some moderation commands public facing text display.
  • Using the command changes -d will delete the message which invoked the command.

v2.35.1 (r/SWTOR)

  • The !voice command has been re-enabled on the SWTOR server.


  • Fixed broken images in the newer fun commands.
  • Fixed how the fun commands display, reducing the number of mentions.


  • Added the ability for users to set themselves as {prefix}afk. While in AFK status, if the user is mentioned, the invoking user will be notified the user is currently AFK. Bots are ignored.

  • Added the ability to see latest changes to the bot using the {prefix}changes command.

  • Fixed an issue where using the {prefix}8ball command would send two messages, one being an error that the command wasn't working, the other... the working command result.

  • Fixed a similar issue where using the {prefix}decide command would simply send an error it wasn't working. The command is now working as intended.


  • Added the following commands commands:


  • Minor improvements to core code.


  • Minor adjustments to administrative features.