Raven updates
Raven updates

September bug fixes





  • We heard you: Raven looked pretty grey and blah. We've injected a lot more color into the platform, to make your marketing efforts a little less boring to look at.
  • Site Auditor Studio would only export the first page of data to CSV. So, if you were seeing 10 results on the page, you would export 10. This will paginate the response to give as much data as we possibly can.
  • In very rare cases, Constant Contact would show old test Raven data due to some deletions and changes to the Constant Contact code. No customer data was displayed—just Raven's own junk data—but it was still alarming to the handful of customers who could see it. This has been resolved, and our other tools cross-checked to prevent this in the future.
  • High volume LinkedIn accounts with a lot of Company Pages weren't seeing all of the companies available. You can now see up to 100 Company Pages.