Raven updates
Raven updates

October bug fixes





  • We updated Bing Ads from API v11 to API v12. No changes here, just some regular maintenance.
  • It turns out that Cover Pages and Tables of Contents in WYSIWYG Reports weren't waterfalling over to generated scheduled reports. We've improved this so that these features will always appear in your scheduled report PDFs (and so you can edit them in the generated reports).
  • Data from Constant Contact wasn't showing correctly in reporting.
  • Taiwan was missing from our Campaign Settings country listing. Sorry, Taiwanese customers!
  • Ordered lists in WYSIWYG Reports will show the correct order for sublists.
  • We were missing the Results column in Facebook Ads, which made it a little hard to understand how well your ad campaigns were succeeding.
  • Our PDF exporter didn't like the transparent Google Ads logo, so it wasn't displaying it. We've converted this so that your Google Ads widgets identify themselves properly.
  • When viewing Site Auditor Studio duplicate content in Raven, you weren't able to see exactly which URLs were duplicates of each other. We've added that column back into the platform view of Site Auditor Studio.