July bug fixes

  • When you deleted a Campaign in Raven, we weren't deleting the corresponding domain in Site Auditor Studio. These two systems will talk to each other more frequently now.
  • Further Facebook Ads reporting clean-up to prevent blank charts and graphs.
  • When viewing Site Auditor Studio data in the Raven Tools platform, we would only show one page of results for certain issue types. We'll now show all of the available data from Site Auditor Studio, allowing you to quickly review that data without leaving Raven.
  • We spruced up the navigation menu a bit to add some more color and some new buckets for tools.
  • Data past May 5th wasn't showing in Google Analytics due to an API change. We've patched the issue.
  • Cleaned up WYSIWYG Reports scheduled report settings, so that One-Time fields don't appear in the Scheduled Reports Settings page. We also adjusted Email Settings so that users wouldn't get an unusual error relating to emails.
  • Some Facebook Ads charts and graphs weren't loading due to performance issues. We've sped them up dramatically to improve this reporting experience.
  • Filtering by Campaign in Facebook Ads was accidentally removed during the process of resolving other issues. This has been added back.
  • Ads and Ad Sets in Facebook Ads were timing out in both the tool itself and in reporting. We found that requesting a maximum of 1000 entries for these (rather than 2500) would bring that data back. We're working on some longer-term solutions for providing more than 1000 ads or ad sets in the future as well.