Raven updates
Raven updates

August bug fixes





  • Fixed a Google Analytics drill-down reporting issue with Event Actions displaying Event Campaigns.
  • When using Profile Limits, customers could enter a non-numeric entry which would cause significant issues with adding new Campaigns. We've removed the ability to enter anything other than 0 through 9 characters.
  • Constant Contact was updated to API v2. No new features here, but the tool is more future-proof now.
  • A few icons got jumbo sized in Microsoft Edge browsers. We pulled out the shrink ray to zap it back down a bit.
  • Looking for the Help icon? All of that's under Notifications now.
  • Quick Reports weren't generating from tools in Raven, instead showing a spinning circle instead of data. The report will now refresh properly to show that information.
  • The default Dashboard was overhauled to provide more of the SEO data that our customers love.
  • We removed a deprecated API method from Facebook Ads that was getting in the way of us being able to provide this data.
  • Google AdWords is now Google Ads. We've updated our tools and imagery to reflect the new name.
  • We updated our MailChimp integration from API v1.2 to v3.0, resolving a whole host of issues with accessing this data.
  • For some users, CallRail data wasn't showing up in reporting. This data will be consistently reportable now. We've also done a lot of clean-up with this tool to make it more robust.
  • If you're blocking a sub-user from accessing particular tools in your account, there were cases where the tool's heading would appear with nothing beneath it. We've refactored this so that your users get the most accurate (and least confusing!) picture of what tools they have access to.
  • Site Auditor Studio was showing "Array" in place of the number of pages that a particular error appeared on due to a change in how we calculate and display issues.