Search history added to Keyword Research Central

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When working in Keyword Research Central, how many times have you been deep in the Search Volume listing, only to accidentally click a keyword and lose your place? Now, we'll save your recently searched keywords in the search bar.

Just click the search bar and we'll automatically pop up the last few keywords that you've searched. Want to start over? Just click Clear History and we'll wipe out the whole listing.

June bug fixes

  • Our email validator was a little out of control in User Manager, which sometimes prevented users from being added. We're much more flexible on that now.
  • The change-over-time indicator for Average Position in Bing Ads was flipped: it should've been green for lower numbers and red for higher.
  • Adding a keyword from Search Analytics to Keyword Manager was throwing to a 404 error page. We've added back the JavaScript that connects these tools.
  • The Performance chart for Facebook Ads failed to display in reporting. That chart has been fixed. Other charts, like Clicks, Impressions, and Spend, are currently being worked on.
  • Sometimes we'd highlight the Reports icon even though you were on the Dashboards tool. It was mildly annoying at best, and actually confusing at worst. The navigation highlighter is much smarter now.
  • If you didn't have permissions to view Custom Conversions and other Facebook Ads data, we were just showing a blank screen. Now you'll see some more detailed messaging on how to get that data to display.
  • When Twitter changed their OAuth methodology, Twitter accounts couldn't properly be connected in Raven. We've updated our own code to match the changes made in Twitter.
  • Google discontinued their link shortening service late last year. We've removed this shortener from Twitter. If you were using to shorten your links previously, you'll automatically default to You can also choose TinyURL from the Settings page, if desired.
  • Some updates to our JavaScript libraries caused a conflict in Site Finder, preventing it from running properly. We've cleaned up the issues there to let these reports run again.
  • Some users were experiencing issues connecting Bing Ads accounts due to a background conflict. That conflict has been resolved.
  • On May 25, 2018, Klout was sunset by its new owners, which meant that comparative Klout Score data was no longer accessible to third-parties like Raven. We've removed Klout from Site Performance and anywhere else that it was used in our platform.

Adding researched keywords to Keyword Manager

When researching keywords in Keyword Research Central, we noticed that you couldn't actually add your researched keyword to Keyword Manager. Instead, you would have to copy it down, leave the tool, go into Keyword Manager, and add it there.

We've made that experience much, much better.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 3.48.50 PM.png

Now, fixed rows in the Search Volume tool are just as functional as the data that follows them. You can add keywords to Keyword Manager via the gear menu and research that phrase further. In addition to those changes, you can now search and filter these results.

May bug fixes

  • Facebook pages with fewer than 100 likes will no longer return metrics data, increased from 30 likes. We've updated our documentation an in-app messaging to reflect this.
  • In the initial onboarding process, there were some rare occasions where a Campaign would fail to be added. We've made this much more flexible, so that new Raven customers won't get stuck right at the start of using the platform.

April bug fixes

  • We accidentally removed the intro card for unconnected Facebook Ads accounts during the process of adding custom conversions. This will allow you to connect your account from the Facebook Ads tool again.
  • The goals section in SEO Metrics erroneously included Ecommerce as a goal. Google split this out from the rest of Google Analytics goals a while ago, so we removed it here as well.
  • Sub-users received an error when attempting to access the settings page for Site Auditor Studio. Those users can access this data again.
  • We've increased the timeout limit with Site Auditor crawls, giving a little more wiggle room for websites that have limited or strained bandwidth.
  • Users with access to Site Auditor Studio could sometimes accidentally create duplicate site records, which would make our system believe that they had crossed their Campaign limit. We'll prevent duplicates from being created in the future.
  • If you set a report as a template, and let that template be accessible on all of your Campaigns, all of your users could see those templates—even users without access to the reports that they came from. We've restricted this so that templates obey permission restrictions.
  • The search volume columns in Search Analytics weren't sorting properly. That has been fixed.
  • When using a Dimension Key in Google Analytics reporting, re-editing a graph widget would cause the settings to return to default, breaking the widget. We'll update these chart options correctly when Dimension Keys are in use.
  • Facebook Ads was updated to version 2.11. No major changes here—just keeping on top of the latest version of the tool from Facebook.
  • Display Ads from Google AdWords were showing as filenames and dimensions, rather than as images. We've restored the display advertisements as you would come across them in searches.
  • When you cancel your Raven account, that account is immediately deactivated. We made this more clear on the cancelation page (and the confirmation window).

Streamlining our keyword rankings tools: GWT, Rankings, and Search Analytics

We've shuffled things around in the navigation a bit to make way for some new features. During that process, we also streamlined our keyword ranking tools, removing the Google Webmaster Tools tool and transforming the Rankings tool into a dedicated source for Bing Webmaster Tools data.

We decided to pare these tools down for a few reasons:

  • In total, there were five different places where you could find Google Search Console data—not counting Dashboards and Reports. That means we had five different tools to maintain, and our customers were increasingly confused by this data being all over the place.
  • Google Webmaster Tools was created in a time where Google didn't officially provide access to search queries. Over time, that tool has struggled under the weight of increased databases, more queries, and other limiting factors. Since we launched this tool, Google has greatly improved access to their Search Console data, which led to us building the newer Search Analytics tool. We announced our intention to remove GWT/Rankings (in favor of Search Analytics) last year, but delayed those plans until recently.
  • We have some exciting plans for improving our keyword research and rank tracking tools. I can't speak to specifics here, but you'll find a survey in the SERP Tracker section under Rank Tracking. We definitely want to hear our customers' feedback here.

Does Raven Still Provide Keyword Rankings?

Yes! Raven still provides keyword rankings.

The Google data that was previously available in Google Webmaster Tools can be found in the Google Search Analytics tool. This data comes straight from Google Search Console and, unlike GWT, provides accurate information about overall clicks, impressions, and queries.

It's currently limited to reporting data from a 90-day window, but Google recently expanded this window in Google Search Console itself and is expected to enhance their API with this change as well.

What does this mean for my reports?

This data is still available in reports—at least for now. We want to give our customers a chance to swap these widgets with their Search Analytics counterparts before fully removing the tool. We haven't set an exact sunset date for when these will be full removed, but we expect that will come towards the end of this year.

You may notice that your Rankings widgets show Bing icons. Don't worry—if you were reporting on Keyword Manager or GWT data, it's still the same. Consider that logo a reminder that you'll want to swap out this data soon.

Wait, SERP Tracker?

Stay tuned for news about further keyword tools coming to Raven soon.

More exportable rows in Site Auditor CSVs

Historically, Site Auditor CSVs would top out around 500 rows, even if you had thousands of errors to work through. We've expanded these CSVs so that they're report on all of your data—not just a small component of it.

Pro-Tip: Did you know that if you export a CSV from the Broken Links error type, you'll see all of the pages that those links are broken on? Same goes for Duplicate Content!

Site Auditor Studio now available for all Raven customers

We know that a technical SEO tool is a great addition to any marketer's toolbox. It lets you prospect for new customers, identify issues to fix, and keep track of on-site SEO implementation.

A while back, we launched a "Standalone" version of Site Auditor to provide an improved experience of our original tool, but we realized that having two tools got a little confusing.

Re-Introducing The Site Auditor Studio!

We've been hard at work to make Site Auditor Studio available to all of our current Raven Tools users, in addition to our current Site Auditor tool. It took some extra time because we had two very different site crawling programs running and had to create a way to essentially replace the engine while the car is moving.

It was important to us to include this feature to all our existing customers with no additional charge.


Why Should I Use Site Auditor Studio: Improved Site Auditing Features

  • Live Error Reporting - Get insights while we crawl
  • Our new Shared Reports displays a optimization score, and detailed lists of URLs & errors instead of just the # of errors
  • Our Shared Reports work on mobile, tablet and desktop. For example:
  • You can use the audit as a "To Do List" and mark errors as fixed instead of waiting for a new crawl
  • Control crawl depth and excluded paths
  • Planned feature: Export Site Auditor results as a presentation
  • Planned feature: Enable completely custom audit items so you can add your own verbiage/advice into the report
  • Planned feature: Allow custom web-hooks and criteria to determine your own custom error checks
  • Learn more about how to use Site Auditor Studio in our announcement blog post.

How Do I Get Site Auditor Studio In My Account?

If you're a current Raven customer, you have a choice: switch over to the new Site Auditor Studio or keep using the platform version. If you love our existing Site Auditor tool, you can continue using that tool without any changes.

If you do want to give Site Auditor Studio a chance, switching over is easy: once you navigate to the Site Auditor tool, you’ll be given the option to switch either a single domain or your entire account to the new crawling engine.

If you do switch, you won’t have access to previous crawls unless you switch back to the Classic version. You can switch back at any time, so don't be afraid to try it out.

March bug fixes

  • If you sorted Bing Ads data descending by Cost/Conversion, we'd put $0.00 entries at the top. They'll now show up at the bottom.
  • When returning data from Facebook Ads, we were only showing active Campaign data. But, in reality, there are a lot of different Facebook Ads statuses that we were ignoring (to the detriment of our customers). Instead of hiding this data, we're ebracing it. All of your Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad information will now show, even for inactive and completed Campaigns.
  • Watson wasn't bringing back data in Research Central due to a SSL issue. We're using a newer version of TLS to ensure that data coming from APIs like IBM Watson is more consistent.
  • When hovering over the Help button at the top of Raven, we weren't showing a tooltip unless you actually clicked the bottom.
  • Your eyes don't deceive you: the header columns in Google AdWords and Search Analytics were aligned to better line up with the metrics they are referring to.
  • Every once in a while Google Analytics would show two percentage signs instead of one. We cleaned that up a bit.
  • Google AdWords has been updated to API version v201802. This should have no impact on our users' experience of AdWords in Raven.
  • When posting to LinkedIn, images were overwriting the post title with the URL of that image. We've fixed this in both one-off posts and scheduled posts.
  • New customers with access to Site Auditor Studio were having a hard time running quick reports on Site Auditor data in Raven. These reports will work properly now.
  • The number of backlinks returned by Backlink Explorer didn't match up with the number of backlinks in Majestic. Affected users will see a significant increase in backlinks thanks to this fix.
  • Backlink Explorer was tripped up by Indonesian TLDs, like and We've added these, along with some other common Indonesian TLDs, to our list of acceptable TLDs.
  • In very rare cases, sub-users may have been redirected to Payment Details when an account's subscription was in failure. Sub-users should never have access to this page, so we fixed the redirect.
  • As we continue to reconfigure our navigation, Role Manager's tool buckets didn't always match up with what our navigation references. We did away with these feature groups entirely. (And added a nice "Toggle All" function to boot!)
  • We mislabeled Cost Per Total Action in Facebook Ads as Cost Per Result. That label is now accurate to the metric being reported.

Report Wizard will become read-only on April 16th

Report Wizard has long been a trusted tool in digital marketers’ arsenal. It’s run millions of reports and saved countless hours of time over the past 10 years. But, now, it’s time to finally say goodbye.

April 16, 2018 will be the final day that users can create new reports in Report Wizard. For all future reporting needs, please use WYSIWYG Reports instead. WYSIWYG Reports launched in 2013 as Report Wizard’s successor. Since its launch, it now offers:

  1. Cover Pages and Tables of Contents for PDF reports.
  2. More data points for Google Analytics and other data partners.
  3. Customizable reports with modern, colorful widgets
  4. Reporting for Google Search Console, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads.
  5. Support for data through our upcoming Site Auditor Studio enhancement.

All existing scheduled Report Wizard reports will continue to run following this deadline. Generated reports will also remain accessible until we phase out the tool by the end of 2018. Switch to WYSIWYG Reports today to avoid any interruption in reporting.

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