Edit Subtitles in WYSIWYG Report widgets


When editing widgets in WYSIWYG Reports, you can now customize the subtitle of the widget in addition to the already editable title. The subtitle appears in light grey under the title, allowing more flexibility (particularly for marketers with non-English customers).

Ad Sets, Ads, Insights, and Break Downs in Facebook Ads


When we released Facebook Ads last month, we launched an early version of the tool to obtain feedback from our customers about where they wanted the tool to go. The response was resounding: support for ads, ad sets, and more metrics.

Ad Sets and Ads

When accessing Facebook Ads in Raven, you'll see that the tool now how a sub-navigation menu with new options: Overview, Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads. Each section filters your Facebook Ads data into their respective scopes, providing the same flexibility of the Columns selector in each.

All of this data is completely reportable through our WYSIWYG Reports tool.

Insight Metrics

Speaking of WYSIWYG Reports, you can report on a whole host of new metrics from Facebook Ads in our reporting tool:

A total of 57 different insights are available under the Custom menu when adding a Custom Widget to your WYSIWYG Reports. Each of these insights can be expressed as a Line Graph, Bar Chart, or Pie Chart.

Demographic Break Downs

When reporting on Facebook Ads data in graph form, you can now split this data based on Age, Country, and Gender.

There's still more to come too! Keep an eye out for updates relating to conversion reporting and more coming soon.

May bug fixes


Along with the long-awaited release of Facebook Ads, we've also fixed a bunch of bugs for you!

  • Google Analytics deprecated their whole Social Hub report, which included the Social Activities metric. We removed all references to that data, and repaired a broken metric under the Social > Landing Pages section.
  • We were showing a maximum of 24 Facebook Ads accounts when connecting your account in Raven. You'll see much more than those 24 accounts going forward.
  • Research Central wasn't showing all of the competitor URLs when running a PDF quick report in the Compare section.
  • Although we were showing data for all campaigns in the KPIs for Facebook Ads, we were hiding paused campaigns in the corresponding table. All campaigns appear now.
  • Cost metrics in Facebook Ads were coloring decreases in red and increases in green. Of course, spending less money is a good thing, so we inverted the coloring.
  • Our developers made some well-meaning updates to a couple of JavaScript libraries that put them into ECMAScript6 standard. Unfortunately, that also broke support for Safari 9.1.3, so we rolled back those updates.
  • When exporting CSVs from Site Auditor's Links section, we were failing to show the full list of pages that these broken links appear on. These CSVs show complete data again.
  • If you edit a scheduled LinkedIn post that has an attached image, we'll remember the image now.
  • URLs in WYSIWYG Reports can be long, which can push data off the side of the screen or page. We added some hidden characters into URL strings to break them up, but that was breaking copy-and-pasting these URLs. We used some clever CSS to approximate what we were trying to do and removed those hidden characters.

Dramatically improved caching in Raven


Just about everything in Raven is cached for at least some amount of time: Advanced Segments in Google Analytics, the list of available LinkedIn company pages in WYSIWYG Reports, metrics information in Competitor Manager. It's all held in our system for speed and accuracy reasons.

But, all of those tools used different methods and logic for that caching process, which made for some inconsistent experiences and (sometimes) broken reporting.

Not only did we fix our caching sprawl, our developers rewrote it from the ground up to unify all of those processes in one place. The experience improvements that you'll see may not be obvious at first, but it resolves a bunch of little problems that add up in a major way.

Better contextual Help Desk recommendations


Notice the big black Help button in the bottom-right of the screen? That button will now recommend help articles based on where you are in the platform. Cool!

We'll continue to optimize this content so that you're getting the information you need, when you need it.

Facebook Ads are now available to all Raven users


Over the past few years, Facebook Ads reporting has been one of Raven's most requested features, beating out Google+ and Pinterest for the top spot on our customers' wishlists.

We're pleased to announce that the first version of our Facebook Ads tool is now available to all Raven Tools customers, accessible under the PPC menu.

You may have noticed that we're calling it our "first version." The Facebook Ads tool has a lot of data in it, but we want you to help us shape its future. We're already working on bringing in data on Ad Sets and Ads, along with more data points like conversions.

We welcome you to give it a try and send us some feedback on what you'd like to see next.

Search Volumes Added to Search Analytics Queries


As part of our ongoing efforts to consolidate our rankings tools into one fantastic tool to manage your SEO data, we've integrated AdWords search volumes into the Search Analytics tool.

Similarly to the Rankings tool, this data is provided through Keyword Manager. Want to see search volume data for a particular keyword? Click the gear icon next to that keyword and select the Add to Keyword Manager option. We'll bring back data within 24 hours for any new keyword in Keyword Manager.

April bug fixes


April showers bring May flowers, plus a multitude of bug fixes in the Raven Tools platform:

  • Quick Reports run in Keyword Rankings would always default to the past 30 days, no matter what was set as the date range. These will use your set date range now.
  • For websites with more than 5,000 crawled pages, the Visibility section of Site Auditor would fail to load. The culprit was the Redirects column, which was causing the entire section to time out. We removed the Redirects column, but all related filters and reports still work perfectly fine.
  • We mistakenly had "Yearly" listed as a chart plotting option for Search Analytics, which only provides 90 days of data. Whoops!
  • Site Auditor failed to crawl some BigCommerce websites due to unusual content-type headers. We've hacked together a workaround to make this work more smoothly in those unusual cases.
  • SSL websites weren't displaying screenshots in Research Central. These display now.
  • The endpoints we used to report Facebook and Twitter likes/shares/comments in Research Central were removed, so we removed these metrics on our end as well.
  • International users were having trouble uploading images into Text Summary widgets in WYSIWYG Reports due to a quirk in our visual editor. These users are again able to access this feature.
  • An update to a JavaScript library that we use caused a commonly used element in the platform to break, particularly for WYSIWYG Reports widget editing and connecting certain accounts. We downgraded to the functional version and hardcoded the new features that we needed from that library.

Keyword drilldown now available in Search Analyics


Every single keyword listed in Search Analytics is now clickable, allowing you to drilldown into the specific daily changes of your ranking keywords.

Clicking a keyword in the Search Analytics tool re-filters the data, showing you Average Position, Clicks, Impressions and CTR change over time in the form of a line graph. As with everything else in Search Analytics, this data is filterable and reportable.

Sample reports added to WYSIWYG Reports


When you create your first Campaign in Raven, you'll now see three sample reports in WYSIWYG Reports: SEO, PPC, and Social. These reports give you an idea of the kinds of reports you can build with Raven, giving you a head start toward custom reporting.

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