Nightmare before Christmas

Over the past week or so, you may have had your account compromised or "hacked", and your earnings transferred to a different bank account than yours.

Now, why you would give your email address and password, or even more astonishingly, your ATM card details and (oh, the horror!) a transaction OTP to a total stranger over the internet we can't exactly understand. But as they say, there's nowt as strange as folk.

We have a responsibility to protect our community, and you can be sure we're taking this very seriously:

You can no longer change the bank account information on your profile. If you absolutely need to change it (say, because your withdrawals to your linked bank account are failing), send us an email and we'll do it for you. You must make sure, however, that the name on the new bank account you provide matches the name on your Racksterly profile. And don't worry about missing your withdrawal day. You'll be able to access your account until you've withdrawn your money.

You can no longer change the email address on your profile. That's pretty much self-explanatory.

Sometimes, we get requests from users to provide a bank account they can make a payment to when they are experiencing issues making payments with Paystack. It's not that we can't. We just don't, and the reason is accountability and speed. When you make a payment with Paystack, and something goes wrong, your bank has only one place to go and one person to talk to for answers, and you can be sure you were actually making a payment to us, and someone knows what happened to your money. You can also be certain you'll get your money back, and fairly quickly too. You don't get that with bank transfers, where the recipient might as well be your neighbour next door, and recovering it could take a lifetime. We'll never ask you to transfer any money to any bank account. So, please don't do it.

Did we mention we don't have an android app yet? That's right, we don't. So, if you're using a "Racksterly app" you downloaded on the play store, we have no control over what happens to your data as you enter it on the app, and you're practically begging to be screwed. Kindly uninstall it. We've contacted the app publishers to take the apps down, and they've acceded. So as of this moment, you shouldn't be seeing any Racksterly apps on the Play Store.

If your account has been hacked (assuming we can call fleecing a person of money they worked for by collecting and then changing their login details "hacking" - what a joke), kindly get in touch. We understand that the experience can be disorienting, and we're here to help you get your account back.

Send us an email with subject "Account compromised". In this email, include as much information as you can about your account: your phone number, your subscription transaction reference, your full name, and the Facebook name on the profile, etc, and we'll help you get right back in.

We know that some persons had their earnings stolen/transferred to a different bank on their withdrawal day by those who took over their accounts. As much as we both know this is really your fault, you're still our own, and we always take care of our own.

Kindly send us as much information as possible explaining what happened. Screenshots with subscription payment evidence and your phone number (and even screenshots of the withdrawal confirmation email you received) will help expedite the process. We want to be able to verify that what you say happened actually happened without having to request additional evidence. Once that's done, we'll make a full payment of your earnings to your bank account (include your bank account in your email) on our account.

We'll be disabling withdrawals until 4:00 PM, 03.12.2019 GMT+1. That's tomorrow. This is to give people with "hacked" accounts enough time to get their accounts back. Sorry if this ruins anything for you, but this is necessary to keep anyone losing the money they've worked hard for within the next few hours.

We're here for you.

Everything Is Scary

We're not sure what is it about today's occurrence that was scary, but it appears we managed to scare a few souls. Guess we didn't think that one through.

For the next few weeks, we'll avoid doing anything that disrupts your experience. If you haven't shared today, please sign in and do so.

Today's On Us

We're laying the groundwork for some major changes to our ad flow (no bullshit, promise) to be ready in a few weeks. Due to the number of rapid changes we're making, there's a chance we'll fail to log and pay you for sharing when you do share. We aren't willing to take that chance, so we're paying you to take the day off from sharing.

The prerequisite for getting paid is sharing, but when you can't share due to an artificial reason, we are obligated to pay you and take the hit ourselves; a deal is a deal. For those who have been here long enough, you know this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

If you subscribed before today, you can switch to your transactions and see your payment. And if you signed up today, don't worry, we'll be sure to pay you by the end of the day.

Edit: This doesn't mean we won't be available for a few weeks. It means the changes will go into effect in a few weeks. And someone pointed out that it looks bad giving out free money, and raises questions, and suggested that we extend the subscription by a day next time instead (why didn't we think of that?). We hear you, @DominicKC. We'll most likely go that route next time. And thank you for taking the time to suggest that. You're deeply appreciated.

Distributed Denial of Service

In the early hours of today, we got DDoSed, and our servers responded by blocking a range of IP addresses. To rephrase, we were attacked, and our servers' security measures kicked in.

What this means is some people can open our website, and others can't. Sit tight, we're on it.

You can sign in and share, or withdraw as well, if your device connects. But please do not make any payments until we've resolved this, as the callback from our gateway will timeout, and your payment won't be acknowledged immediately.

Don't worry if you just made a payment and it wasn't acknowledged. And please don't make a second payment. Once we're done, we'll fix it automatically. You don't need to email us.

What's our address?

We don't have one. Not anymore, anyway.

If you were here in the early days, then you know we had not one, but two addresses on our contact page. For a business that works fully online though, we simply couldn't justify the overhead of an office building; figured that money could be better used (bigger, better servers, maybe?). So, we left.

We removed the addresses on the contact page so as not to mislead you. We believe integrity comes from the heart, not from appearance, and we have no qualms telling you this cos we hide nothing from you.

This doesn't mean we're in the wind. If the appropriate authorities ever need to find us, they know where to look. We made sure of that.

We haven't tried to answer this convincingly. We've only tried to answer it honestly. Cos, despite all our vices, what with not answering emails promptly and all, the one thing we will not do is lie to you.

If this scares you, we understand. But we thought you deserve to know the truth.

Improvement: Withdrawals

You may have noticed there's been a number of changes to your Racksterly dashboard. There's even more to come. However, right now, we wish to address the most recent, and some of the most important.

First off, we've removed the limit on withdrawals. So, as it stands, if you attempt to make a withdrawal, everything in your Racksterly account will be withdrawn to your bank account at once. Every single cent. Less the surcharge, of course.

Before now, one you initiated a withdrawal, the only way to know it had gone through was receiving a credit alert. That's changed.

We've been working to integrate more closely with your banks' systems, so we can tell whether a transfer to you has gone through successfully, and to update you accordingly. If you've made a withdrawal earlier today, then you may have noticed there's a status note on your withdrawal transaction. That note is how you know where your money is at any point in time.

It works like this:

  1. The moment you initiate a withdrawal, the withdrawal is queued and the transaction status set to "Queued" accordingly.
  2. Once we begin processing it, the status will change to "Processing".
  3. If the transfer completes successfully, and your bank acknowledges the funds transfer request, the status will change to "Completed", and we'll send you an email to that effect.
  4. If the transfer fails, the status will change to "Failed", and your withdrawal will be reversed, so your balance is credited with the amount you tried to withdraw. That way, you can change your bank account and try again. We'll also send you an email letting you know what's up.

This update means you no longer need to get in touch to know the status of your withdrawal. If the funds haven't left our systems, the transaction status will NOT change to "Completed". So, if it has, you can be sure your bank knows something about it.

We're eliminating anything and everything that may lead to repetitive support requests, as we look to get the new members of our support team on board by this weekend (no, folks, we haven't forgotten; we're creating a new support interface, built around the most common issues and requests, and we'll be reaching out to you by the end of the week).

Does this mean withdrawals will take longer? Nah, not necessarily. We'll try processing a failing withdrawal over and over again before marking it as failed and reversing it, but you can be sure all withdrawals will be processed just as quickly as they have been up until this point this time.

PS: If you referred anyone recently and still haven't received a bonus, ask them to open their profile (press the three lines on mobile devices, the "Profile" menu item on desktops). There's a space there they can enter your link.

Breaking Changes

To the Racksterly Community.

We probably gave you a scare this morning as you signed in to your accounts. Sorry.

We promised to improve; we're as tired of the repetitive complaints as you are, and that's exactly what we're doing. This process may not be entirely comfortable, but if we are to survive and grow in the long term, they are absolutely necessary. You may have noticed we've completely overhauled the sign-up process. That's not the only thing that's changed - here comes the debriefing.

You may have been…scratch that, you were asked to complete your profile again. That's perfectly OK. More and more users were having issues with their Facebook profiles; we wiped the slate clean for everyone. So, if your Facebook account was hacked, or you just needed to use another account, you got the second chance you were looking for. Once you've completed your profile, you'll meet your account just as you left it.

This is both good and not-so-good. You already know the good. The not-so-good is you won't get another chance like this. So, keep your Facebook login details safe; you won't be able to change it if it gets hacked and you can't share with it anymore. And don't use your freaking phone number as your Facebook password!

We've deleted the "Racksterly FBX" profile. This update means you no longer need to send us a friend request, or wait for us to confirm it. It served its purpose, and served it well, but now its time to go.

If you were asked to subscribe again this morning, or you couldn't find the button for adding your Facebook profile, please try signing in again. And if the account number on your profile is blank, try updating the bank account on your profile. You must have signed in as we were smoothing out the rough edges. We're done now.

We've updated the sign-up process, so you'll now receive a confirmation code at the email address you've entered to complete your sign-up. That way, you can be certain you're signing up with the email address you intend to use (Goodbye, Yaoo and Gail).

This is just the first in a long line of updates we have planned. We intend to make your Racksterly experience as seamless as possible. And if something doesn't work as intended, we want to make sure you know where to find answers.

It's time to move from putting out fires and fixing bugs and resolving issues (Who are we kidding? We've found that users have an uncanny ability to break stuff that seem unbreakable), to actually building something that works and is self-sustaining.

If this update ruined your morning, we're sorry. We probably should have told you first. We just didn't realize having to complete your profile again would cause you to panic. Or that you'd miss the message we left on the profile completion page.

And for those handling more than one account, sorry for the extra work we've created for you.

We'd love to go through every single change we've made, but if we do, this update will come out too late. We'll be publishing more updates soon after this one.

Now, where's that "Share" button…

Access Bank, Again

If you use Access Bank, and you made a withdrawal between yesterday evening and this morning, chances are you're yet to get your money.

We're putting this up to let you know what's going on. The transfer to your bank account has been completed. In other words, we've paid you. So, whatever is happening right now is from your bank's systems.

You know we don't screw with your money. Never have. Never will. All we can do right now is wait. So, please be patient.

You'll get your money. That's a promise.

Yaoo weds Gail

We've had a certain situation recur so many times it's now an inside joke. We call it "Yaoo weds Gail".

It goes something like this.

A user, let's call him Mr. X, decides to create a Racksterly account. While typing his email address, he makes a mistake, and types something like:, or, or, or or…okay, we think you get the picture already.

Then, he makes a payment, and after completing his account setup, is taken to his dashboard. After sharing, (and admiring his shiny, new account), he logs out. He is yet to get a payment receipt in his inbox, but he shrugs it off, "Network issues maybe, it'll come in later". The next time he tries to sign in, he enters his correct email address, only to see "Invalid email address or password". Now, he's confused. "What could be happening?"

After trying repeatedly, he then presses the "Sign up" button, and creates a new account with the correct email address. And is then taken to the payment page. "What?! You're asking me to pay again?!". Mr X then proceeds to send us an email, asking why we're demanding a second payment. Then he sends us a message on our Facebook page. Then he posts comments under two or three posts on our page.

When we finally get around to it, we find that he paid with a different account than the one he's reaching out to us with. It's incredible just how often this happens; you almost think it's being done on purpose (we know you're not, folks, we get it, people make mistakes).

We now send confirmation SMSes to new accounts, so you can cross-check when things seem off. If you subscribe, and you're unable to sign in thereafter, and you didn't receive an email receipt, then it's very likely that Yaoo wedded Gail.

We're very meticulous about our payment processes. Our servers monitor all initiated transactions, so if you've made a payment and your subscription isn't active, just give it an hour. If it's not activated by then, and you've been debited, kindly allow up to 24 hours for a reversal from your bank. If you still haven't received it by then, please get in touch ASAP.

In the rare event that you're debited twice for the same transaction, don't fret. The payment gateway will reconcile and refund one payment. It's fully automated, so you don't need to get in touch (unless, of course, you're paranoid - don't worry, we'll understand).

Hi! My name is...

If you've emailed us or sent a message over the past few weeks, then you've had one of three experiences:

  1. We replied so quick you thought we were waiting for you to press send!
  2. We replied you after many hours
  3. We replied you after a day or two
  4. We didn't reply you at all

Okay, that's four.

It's almost as though we're picking and choosing. We can almost hear the sigh of relief when you get a reply from us, and the frustration and suspense and near-helplessness when you have an urgent issue and there's no prompt response. Great customer care is a right, not a privilege. You deserve better.

We're making a commitment to fix this. And we've taken steps to get our support up to snuff. We've been replying to emails, and messages to our Racksterly FBX profile, and messages to our Facebook page (this one) on the regular, which means we're spreading ourselves thin. So, we're doing some streamlining.

You may have noticed there's now a support beacon (the "help" button will show you the way) on your dashboard. There you'll find answers to most of your questions. We've published it even though it's not ready; we have lots of articles still in draft mode, and some of the published articles haven't been polished, and we're looking to make updates to them as time goes on. We kinda figured if we kept postponing until it's ready and we've covered every possible question you could ever have, and made it super-super sexy, we'll never get round to publishing it. And we figured you won't really mind being a part of our evolution, and seeing us improve it day by day. So, there.

The Racksterly FBX profile was never meant for communication (it was meant for verification, if you're wondering), which means we didn't check it for messages on the regular. We're really sorry for the thousands of messages we've found there, which were never replied to. Please don't send messages there - we won't see them. We're deprecating the "Friend Request" requirement on sign-up as we look to improve our sign-up processes, so the Racksterly FBX profile is now irrelevant. We'll tell you more about that in another post we'll be publishing soon.

We've disabled messaging on our Facebook page (this one). You can comment, you just won't be able to send messages.

The fastest way to get us to see a message is to send an email.

Or use the contact page on our website.

Or use the help beacon on your dashboard to get in touch.

We're also looking to extend our support team. And what better place to look than within our own community, for people who have experienced the same problems you have, and will be there for you when you need them. We've sent some email invites out, so if you've received one, please do well to reply in time.

If you haven't received one, and you're passionate about our dream to build something that stands the test of time, please send an email to hr@racksterly .com . Please don't send a CV; we already know you're smart and team player. Just make a short video of yourself, telling us about you and why you want to join us, and attach it to your email with the subject line: "I see you". That tells us two things:

  1. That you know your way around the internet
  2. That you're willing to take the trouble to make a video, so this isn't just another application letter to be edited and sent off.

Some creativity would be nice too!

For the next two weeks, we'll be helping our new team members (when we've chosen them) get settled and up to speed. We'll also be giving you more control over your account, so you don't send an email for every little change. Expect more changes and updates to your dashboard.

Note: You may have noticed you can now change your bank account details. This is both a good and not-so-good thing, cos if your login credentials are compromised, your mula may be taking a long hike to foreverland. Sure, we'll send you a notification SMS if such a change occurs, but it's important that you be careful. We'll never, ever ask for your login details. We don't need to. So, no matter what story "we" tell you in an email or chat, please don't give us your password.

Thank you for your patience. And sorry for frustration - to everyone who's been frustrated. Remember, no more Facebook page or "Racksterly FBX" messages. Just email; we'll see it faster than we will your Facebook message. And please bear with our dismal support for the next two weeks.

Improvement on our minds…