Click on customer name to copy email from 'Recent Activities'

  • You can now copy email addresses of your customers from Recent Activities under 'Home dashboard' by clicking on their name.

Improved charts on Subscriptions dashboard

  • Better charts for subscription widgets.
  • FIXED: Tooltip not showing for some data points.
  • NEW: Added y-axis labels

Treat 'Pending Settlement' as completed for Braintree

  • Option to mark Pending Settlement transactions as completed for Braintree.
  • Go to Settings -> Data sources -> Click on a Braintree account that you already linked to Putler.
  • Select Set as completed from Pending Settlement to mark the transaction as completed.
  • By default, it's marked as pending.

Include or exclude Personal payments for PayPal in sales.

  • Option to include/exclude Personal payments / Settlement Withdrawal for PayPal in sales.
  • Go to Settings -> Data sources -> Click on a PayPal account that you already linked to Putler.
  • Select Exclude from sales from Personal payments / Settlement Withdrawal to exclude these payments in Sales KPI's or Sales list.
  • By default, it's always included in sales.

Click on tag to search

  • Click on a tag to search in the current dashboard


  • You can now tag a particular sale, transaction, customer, or product.
  • To search for a particular tag, prepend '#' to the tag-name.
    • Eg: #favourites
  • NOTE: To search for previously added notes, prepend '~'

Reference Transaction ID in sale and transaction details

  • If a transaction has an associated child or parent transaction, the Reference Transaction ID field will show the associated transaction ID.

Subscription KPIs in Subscriptions dashboard

  • We have moved the subscription KPIs from Home dashboard to Subscription dashboard.

Copy email address from Sales and Transactions dashboard

  • Under sale/transaction details block, you will find a new copy icon - it's to the right of the email address. Click on the icon to copy the email address.
  • BTW, clicking on the envelope icon to the left of the email address opens up the email client (to send email to your client).

New desktop app for Windows

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