Click on tag to search

  • Click on a tag to search in the current dashboard


  • You can now tag a particular sale, transaction, customer, or product.
  • To search for a particular tag, prepend '#' to the tag-name.
    • Eg: #favourites
  • NOTE: To search for previously added notes, prepend '~'

Reference Transaction ID in sale and transaction details

  • If a transaction has an associated child or parent transaction, the Reference Transaction ID field will show the associated transaction ID.

Subscription KPIs in Subscriptions dashboard

  • We have moved the subscription KPIs from Home dashboard to Subscription dashboard.

Copy email address from Sales and Transactions dashboard

  • Under sale/transaction details block, you will find a new copy icon - it's to the right of the email address. Click on the icon to copy the email address.
  • BTW, clicking on the envelope icon to the left of the email address opens up the email client (to send email to your client).

New desktop app for Windows

Smart dates menu dropdown wont disappear

  • Selecting an option from the pre-defined date groups(smart dates), won't close the dropdown.

3 months comparison widget is now live

  • Refer to the left vertical section on the home dashboard.
  • Please connect your Google Analytics account with Putler to see visitors and conversion data.

Get new Putler Academy content every day

  • Get a new tip, quote, and other growth hacks everyday.

Recent transactions improvments

  • Show tooltip for date and email.
  • More information about the products. Eg: $2.49 paid by Roy Richards for "Fitness Series and 2 others"

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Putler will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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