Filter Sales KPIs and charts using search keywords

  • Putler now filters the KPIs and charts based on the search keyword in Sales dashboard.

Unable to refund sales/transactions from Safari browser

  • The Refund button wouldn't show up in Sales and Transactions dashboard on Safari browser.

'Merchant Account ID' in Sales and Transactions details for Braintree.

Merchant Account ID in Sales and Transactions details for Braintree. braintree_merchant_acc_id_tinified.png

New Insight: Performance comparison

  • Your most important business metrics on one page. Spot seasonal trends, review team performance and keep pulse of your overall business.
  • Go to Insights dashboard, and select Performance Comparison from the dropdown on top left.

Can now set decimal values in 'Current Conversion %' and 'Target Conversion %' under 10X Formula in Time Machine dashboard

  • FIXED: Unable to set decimal values in Current Conversion % and Target Conversion % under 10X Formula in Time Machine dashboard

Revamped Products dashboard

Additional stats for 'Holiday Season Trend' insight

  • Our first insight - 'Holiday Season Trend' was out last week.
  • We have updated the same and added more useful information to it.

Added Insights Dashboard

  • Explore your first insight - Holiday Season Trend
  • Navigate to Insights dashboard from the navbar

Improved charts on Subscriptions dashboard

  • Better charts for subscription widgets.
  • FIXED: Tooltip not showing for some data points.
  • NEW: Added y-axis labels

Click on customer name to copy email from 'Recent Activities'

  • You can now copy email addresses of your customers from Recent Activities under 'Home dashboard' by clicking on their name.

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