Puppet Vendors release notes
Puppet Vendors release notes

Mobile Friendly Vendor Portal





The vendor portal is now mobile-friendly. Your vendors can now easily use their phones to browse through the vendor portal without the need to use a computer.

  • Future improvements to the responsiveness will continue to be published.

Product Variant Image





Added Product Variant Image to new order email notifications.

Bug: Payout Email Notifications





Fixed payout notifications not showing correctly with missing Whitelabel features when enabled.

Bug: Tax/Vat Calculation





Fixed an issue with the tax/vat calculation methodology.

Added more payout reference options





Updated the payouts feature to also include the following payout reference methods

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • Paypal
  • Other

Updated Payouts





Given the use cases from all Merchants, we have updated the payouts feature to accommodate more use cases. Merchants can now

  • Mark items are fully paid
  • Mark items as partially paid
  • Filter items by date, vendor, and the marked payout statuses

Redirect to Merchant's Website On Logout





When a vendor logs out of the vendor portal, they were initially redirected to PuppetVendor's website. With this update, vendors will now be redirected to the merchant's website to provide a seamless experience with the merchant's branding in focus.

Dis-approve Vendor Accounts





Merchants can now dis-approve vendor accounts.

Accessing Additional Information





Added a seamless experience for merchants to give additional permission for PuppetVendors to access information in order to use additional services provided by the app.

Bug: Fulfillments





Fixed issue where the fulfillment page on the vendor portal wasn't loading correctly.