Puppet Forge updates
Puppet Forge updates

Removed legacy *. puppetlabs.com SSL certificate





In an effort to ensure secure access to the Forge and adhere to SSL certificate best practices, we've recently dropped usage of our legacy *.puppetlabs.com wildcard certificate. For most users, this won't change anything about how you interact with the Forge.

Users who are utilizing an older client without support for server name indication (SNI) to access modules on the Forge may need to configure their client to point to the Forge at forgeapi.puppet.com, rather than forgeapi.puppetlabs.com (e.g. puppet module install --module_repository=https://forgeapi.puppet.com puppetlabs/apache). This may include Puppet Module Tool in version 3.8 and below of Puppet.

If you’re running into new issues accessing the Forge and you use an older client without SNI, let us know in the #forge-modules channel in our community Slack or email us at forge@puppet.com, and we’ll do our best to help you troubleshoot.