Modules with multiple implementations of the same task are now supported

Recent versions of Bolt allow multiple implementations of the same task -- the Forge API now allows uploads of modules containing tasks with multiple implementations.

Each task release now includes an executables field, listing the names of executables for each implementation of the task. This replaces the old, singular executable field, which is now deprecated. An executable value is still included for backwards compatibility, and it will contain the first entry from the executables list.

You'll see this change in the tasks field of API responses for module releases. See the API docs for the release endpoint for details.

Added `slugs` parameter to `GET /v3/modules`

The Forge API's module listing endpoint now supports a slugs query parameter which allows you to fetch information for a list of specific modules in a single request:

curl ",puppetlabs-apache,puppetlabs-motd"

Note that since you already are providing a specific list of modules, most of the searching and filtering parameters are not allowed in combination with the new slugs parameter. However, output formatting parameters such as with_html, include_fields, and exclude_fields are still allowed.

Learn more by reading the API documentation for the GET /v3/modules endpoint.

Incident Remediation and Continuous Delivery

Today we launched an exciting new experiment! As we previewed at Puppetize PDX earlier this month, the Forge now hosts step-by-step guides that walk you through how to perform specific tasks with Puppet products. Our first version focuses on:

Please check out the new content (along with a new look for the Forge!) and let us know what you think!

Fixed module detail page on IE11

Module detail pages should now be displaying correctly again for users running Internet Explorer 11.

We had previously upgraded the version of Babel that we use to make our Javascript code compatible with older browsers and didn't realize that we needed to make some configurations changes to fully match the behavior of the old version.

Please let us know if you still see any Javascript related issues under IE11.