This release fixes some major bugs as well as minor UX enhancements


  • Fixed a critical bug where a snoozed reminder won't trigger the alarm again.
  • Fixed the tray icon being spawned twice in some scenarios

UI/UX changes

  • Decreased duration of the timer by half when pulled. You can still increase it by holding ctrl while dragging.

I highly recommend installing this version over the past one. Don't worry, your old reminders will still show up when you install the new version.

This version skipped v0.9.4 as it was on a internal testing track.


Finally done feature wise. Gonna launch soon on Windows.

  • Fixed heaps of bugs.
  • Refined UI/UX. Type looks much better now.
  • Linked license key auth with the main app.
  • Added shortcut to show and hide the app.


Alpha 1

  • Fixed icons for the installer and tray
  • Fixed alarm bugs
  • Fixed label popup tabbing and other popup related bugs
  • Added partial rich text formatting to the modal popup



  • Added refined UI to the status bar. Status bar now opens to display list of timers
  • Updated app colors
  • Minor updates to the preferences window
  • Heaps of backend changes

v0.9.0 Beta

Welcome to Pulltherope.

I built this app because there was no simple reminder app out there which could easily create reminders in this fashion. The closest was a Mac app built years ago but it seems to be abandoned.

Anyways, here's the changelog:

  • Refined the settings window
  • Made the statusbar draggable in a grid formation

On the way

  • A panel to manage timers
  • Integrate the options into the app
  • Start on OS start and keep it always on

As always, I'm reachable at shash@pulltherope.app should you have any questions.