ProsperStack changelog
ProsperStack changelog

Specify when a plan change occurs with Recurly




When creating or editing a plan change offer with the Recurly integration, you can now specify when the plan change will occur (either immediately or at the end of the customer's billing period).

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 10.32.01 AM.png

Read more about creating change plan offers in our documentation.

New segment properties for billing add-ons




We've added new segment properties for billing platforms that support subscription add-ons. These new properties allow you to segment customers based on any active subscription add-ons.

The new segment properties are:


  • ID — The ID of the active subscription add-on
  • Name — The name of the active subscription add-on

These new properties are available when using the Chargebee, Chargify and Recurly integrations.

Read more about using billing platform data to segment customers in our documentation.

Multiple deflection actions




You can now create multiple deflection action buttons in deflection cards!


Previously, deflection cards required one action button. You can now display a deflection card without any call-to-action button, or create as many buttons as you'd like.

Check out the deflection card documentation for more information on deflection cards and actions.

Use custom properties in content tags




You can now use custom properties in flow content tags. Use tags to display custom data in your cancellation flow content to personalize the cancellation experience.


Check out the property tag documentation to learn more about customizing your flow content.

Support for Chargebee Product Catalog 2.0




ProsperStack now supports Chargebee Product Catalog 2.0!

New integrations with ProsperStack for accounts using Product Catalog 2.0 will now work seamlessly. If you're currently integrated with ProsperStack and planning on migrating to Chargebee Product Catalog 2.0, please let our support team know so we can plan the migration for your account.

Learn more about the Chargebee integration in our payment processor documentation.

Paddle integration




We've added Paddle to our growing list of supported payment processor integrations!


Connect Paddle to power your retention efforts with automated offers (coupons, plan changes and subscription pauses) and enhanced recovered revenue reporting.

Read more about connecting Paddle in our payment provider documentation.

Two-way sync with HubSpot




We've upgraded our HubSpot integration with two-way syncing! You can now save cancellation survey answers to contact or company properties in HubSpot.


Check out the HubSpot integration documentation for details on sending data to HubSpot.

Improved CSS editor




We've improved the custom CSS editor for a much better experience when editing your cancellation flow's styling. The new editor supports syntax highlighting and code completion, and can now be resized!

Mar-24-2022 14-48-31.gif

Read more about styling your flow with custom CSS.

Preview the flow with custom properties and multiple segments




We've improved the flow preview to allow setting custom property values and previewing as multiple segments!

Toggle segments used and configure custom property values using the toolbar at the top of the flow preview screen.


Property values can be configured to test out snapshot cards and subscriber property tags.


Check out the flow preview documentation for more details on using properties and segments while previewing your cancellation flows.

Use subscriber properties in flow content




You can now use subscriber details (first name, last name, email) in any flow text content! Address customers by their name to further personalize the cancellation experience.


Use the tag button in the text editor in any flow text content to insert a subscriber property tag.


Check out the documentation for details on inserting and configuring property tags.