ProsperStack changelog
ProsperStack changelog

Advanced A/B testing




We've added new features to enable advanced A/B testing of retention offers! You can now create and manage A/B tests so you can optimize your retention rates even further.


ProsperStack will track and compare the accept rates of offers in an A/B test automatically so you can determine which offers will help increase retention the most.

Advanced A/B testing is available in the Prosper and Enterprise plans.

Check out the A/B testing documentation for more details.

Images and new formatting options in deflections





You can now insert images in deflection cards!

We've also added some new formatting options to the deflection content editor so you can insert headings for more customization.

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 3.55.23 PM.png

Check out the deflection card documentation for more about creating and using deflection cards in your cancellation flow.

Confirmation flow step





We've added a new flow step type: confirmation screens!

You can add the new confirmation screen step at the end of your flow to show a confirmation message after a subscriber is saved or cancels their subscription.


Check out the confirmation step documentation for details on how to use this new feature.

Note that confirmation screens require version 2.0 of the flow library. Check out the upgrade guide for details.

Multiple flows





ProsperStack now supports creating multiple cancellation flows!


With multiple flows, you can direct customers to unique cancellation experiences depending on their needs. Configure routing rules using your customer segments to direct canceling subscribers to a specific flow.


Creating multiple flows is a powerful way to create unique cancellation experiences tailored to the customer. Check out the documentation for more details on how it works.

Note that this feature is only available with our Enterprise plan. Send us a note at if you're interested in enabling multiple flows and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Segment integration





Our integration with Segment is now live!

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 10.04.04 PM.png

If you store customer data in other platforms that you want to use in ProsperStack, you can use the Segment integration to keep your customer data in sync with ProsperStack.

Add the ProsperStack Destination to route data from your Segment sources and use your existing data to build segments for offer targeting, conditional flow steps, segmented reporting and more.

Check out our Segment integration documentation for instructions on connecting and using the ProsperStack Destination.

Recurly integration





Recurly joins Stripe, Chargebee and Chargify in our growing list of supported payment providers!


Connect Recurly to power your retention efforts with automated offers (coupons, plan changes, trial extensions and subscription pauses) and enhanced recovered revenue reporting.

Read more about connecting Recurly in our payment provider documentation.

Apply coupon offers to customers (Stripe)





We've added an option for the Stripe integration to apply coupon offers to the customer instead of the subscription. This allows you to affect all of a customer's subscriptions with a single coupon offer.


The new option is available when creating or editing offers. For more details, check out the documentation on creating a coupon offer at:

Salesforce integration





Our new Salesforce integration is now available!


If you store customer data in Salesforce, the Salesforce integration can automatically link data from contacts in your Salesforce account to subscriber custom properties in ProsperStack for more powerful segmenting and customer targeting.

Check out the Salesforce integration documentation for more details.

Offer override rules and new segment properties





We've added some new options that allow you to override the default rules that prevent offers from being presented to subscribers that have accepted an offer in the past.

We've also added some new segment properties that when combined with the new offer options can create some extremely flexible targeting scenarios for your cancellation flow. Here are a couple of examples of things that are now possible:

  • Present a new offer to subscribers that accepted an offer more than <number of days> ago
  • Offer a deeper discount to subscribers that already have an active coupon applied to their subscription

The new segment properties are:


  • Active coupon ID — The billing platform ID of the coupon applied to the subscription


  • Active offer ID — The ID of the offer last accepted by the subscriber
  • Active coupon ID — The billing platform ID of the coupon applied to the subscriber (Stripe only)
  • Days since saved — The number of days since the subscriber was saved


  • Name — The name of the subscription's product (Stripe and Chargify only)

Check out the documentation for creating at segment at and learn more about offer override rules and advanced targeting scenarios at

Embed videos in deflection cards





You can now embed videos in deflection cards! Present custom video messages to reinforce value and deflect cancellations. You can embed videos from Vimeo, Wistia, Loom and YouTube.


Check out the documentation for creating deflection cards at