ProsperStack changelog
ProsperStack changelog

Offer rate trends report




The offer acceptance trends report now includes data on historical offer rates.

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The offer rate statistic represents the percentage of cancellation sessions that have received at least one offer. This metric can be useful to make sure your cancellation flow is fully optimized and that you're not missing any opportunities to retain customers.

Check out the updated report in your ProsperStack dashboard!

Update company name




If you need to change your company name displayed in ProsperStack, you can now edit it from the Account section in the Settings page.

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Sentiment trends report




We've added a new sentiment trends report to Insights!

This report show historical trends in cancellation sentiment so you can track changes in your customer happiness over time.

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Sentiment data can be filtered by customer segments so you can identify trends based on your unique customer profiles.

Check out the new report in your ProsperStack dashboard!

Advanced offer rule groups




Offer rule groups can now be configured for more advanced offer randomization. Add multiple offer groups inside an offer rule and adjust rule weights to control the exact percentage of subscribers the rule will affect.


With the new offer rule groups, you can achieve powerful new scenarios, for example:

  • Display an offer to an exact percentage of subscribers
  • Run an offer A/B test for a random subset of subscribers

This new feature is available in the Enterprise plan.

Check out the offer rules documentation for details on configuring offer rule groups.

Filter sessions by date




We've added an option to the sessions view to filter results by date.

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Click the dropdown at the top of the sessions list to filter results to a selected date range. Date filters also apply when exporting data from the sessions view.

Survey answer trends




We've added a new survey answer trends report to Insights!

This report allows you to see historical answer data for any survey question in your cancellation flows.

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Survey answer data can be filtered by customer segments so you can reveal cancellation insights based on your unique customer profiles.

Check out the new report in your ProsperStack dashboard!

Improved email notifications




Email notifications have been improved with additional options.

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 8.04.27 PM.png

You can now receive email notifications when a cancellation is deflected and when a new cancellation session is started.

Update your email notification settings by visiting your profile page.

Pause subscriptions at end of billing period (Chargebee)




We've added an option to the Chargebee integration to pause subscriptions at the end of the customer's billing period when applying pause subscription offers.


The new option is available when creating or editing a pause subscription offer. See the pause subscription offer documentation for more details.

Edit existing segments




We've heard your feedback: not being able to edit a segment after creation can be cumbersome! You can now edit segments to rename them or change their conditions at any time.

Because changing a segment can affect your live cancellation flow or reporting, ProsperStack will warn you if you attempt to edit a segment that's in use by a flow.

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 8.31.51 AM.png

We recommend testing out changes to your segments and cancellation flow in test mode before going live!

Check out the segment documentation for more information about creating and using segments.

Receive notifications when a cancellation flow is started




We've added an event for receiving real-time notifications when a new cancellation flow session is started. You can use this event to receive an alert via webhooks, Slack or our Zapier integration when a customer begins the cancellation process.

Slack notifications

Check out the documentation for the Slack integration, webhooks or the Zapier integration for more details, and see the Events API documentation for information on retrieving events via the ProsperStack API.