Team-level insights are here!

New shiny for Christmas! We just rolled out the first phase of our team-level insights feature, giving you access to your team's strengths, areas to work on and any check-ins that you need to complete. Read below for more detail!

Team level Insights

Screenshot 2019-12-17 12.02.50.png

You can now browse the strengths and shape of your team as you would for one of your reports. We've also thrown in a bunch of bar charts to show you how your team's skills stack up and the deltas between the top and bottom. Good for working out which gaps to fill with team training, new hires or conference budgets!

Also if your reports have reports you can drill down into those teams too – full reporting lines are supported.

Top Trumps

Screenshot 2019-12-17 12.02.14.png

Another new view we've added is a tab just for your team, including their strengths (as long as they've completed a check-in). Useful for tracking check-ins and getting a quick glance over what people are best at.

New nav, more logical structure

Screenshot 2019-12-17 12.07.58.png

All that new stuff has a new home. Up until this week if you wanted to find information about your team you'd have to scroll down your homepage. We've moved everything to do with your reporting line into a separate 'Your Reports' tab, so we can make you about… you! (more on that soon)

We've also made it way better on mobile. Hooray.

More soon!