Progression updates
Progression updates

Spring cleaning: Improvements to admin tools






We’ve been busy making a few improvements under - and over - the hood to make Progression more performant, secure and easy to use, as well as adding a couple of much-requested new features for team admins. Here’s what’s new.

Custom Position Labels

Custom Position Labels: You can now override or remove Position Labels - the short identifiers that we display above each position’s name in each framework. We’ll continue to auto-generate these from the discipline name, but if your organisation uses bespoke names for these elsewhere you can now replace them to match, or opt to remove them from view entirely. Find the override on the ‘Edit Position’ screen, and the toggle-off in your Team Settings.

Custom URL Slug

Custom URL Slug: You can override our automated URL for your team’s framework page and set your own shorter, prettier ‘slugs’, if you like. Find this on the Team Settings page.

Link to open job roles

Link to open job roles: If you’ve indicated that a position has roles open for hiring, you can now add a link to the public job listing from the position page.

More intuitive team management

More intuitive team management: You told us it was sometimes confusing to know how to invite a new team member, so we’ve made UX improvements to adding an existing team member to a position and sending out new team member invitations to hopefully make it much clearer what’s happening.

Smoother framework setup

Smoother framework setup: We’ve made some UX improvements to creating a framework from the templates in our library, such as remembering the selected search and filters if you open and close a template, and saving text you’ve already entered if you go back a step.