Progression updates
Progression updates

Skip skills within a check-in





We've added some new functionality to our existing check-ins allowing you to optionally "skip" skills as part of the check-in process. We know that some of you want to check-in more often and with focus in mind.

Previously, you had to check-in against every skill, scoring yourself and providing examples of each skill every time. There was no real way to complete a focused check-in and spark conversations about specific skills.

Now you're able to skip as many skills as you like as the author of a check-in, scoring yourself and commenting on those you want to focus on. You can only skip skills once you've completed a full check-in as we'll use your previous score for skipped skills.

We'll make it clear to the assessor in their part of the process which skills you've skipped and they can choose to either skip or add notes against skills you've skipped. You'll then have the opportunity in the joint review to move past skipped skills or dive in to notes if your discussion goes in that direction.

With skipped skills you'll still be able to see your shape and progress within a check-in summary, we'll simply assume that things have stayed the same since you last checked-in and make it as clear as possible for you to keep record of.

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