Organisation Home, multiple teams, shared skills and templates

We haven't updated this changelog in a while, but we've sure been shipping.

Org home

Org homepages

You now have an organisation homepage.

This is great because:

  1. You can create as many teams as you like without fear of messing one up.
  2. You can share skills and even frameworks across teams (some skills are company-wide, others are specific to a team)
  3. You can assign team admins or org admins. So whoever is paying gets org admin rights, but your design managers only need to edit their own team.

Much more coming soon, but this lays the baseline for entire companies to use one Progression account! Hooray :)

Creating a skill

Improved skill adding/editing

In the past, writing your skills and editing them was a pain on Progression. Hell, we were using spreadsheets ourselves to write skills.

It's now as easy as pie to create or edit a skill in the app. You can even find all the skills you've created on your org homepage, to be used by any team that needs them.