Progression updates
Progression updates

New org homepage: readme, open roles and a fresh look

Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 15.07.04.png

We couldn't be more proud to unveil our new org homepage design which shipped a couple of days ago. Not only does it look fresher and more impactful we've added a bunch of highly requested features.

The Readme The Readme lets you tell your team, and the world, the most important things about your organisation: this could be about your culture, your future plans or anything you like.

People The people page provides a place where members of your organisation can quickly see who's in which team and what they do.

The people page is not visible on the public version.

Open Roles We've long had the option to include hiring links on positions. We've taken this a step further by aggregating all open positions in one place. Great for both internal mobility and generating new pipeline.

Consistent public views Nothing says "we get career progression" like sharing your progression framework to the world. The newly revamped public org page boosts your employer brand and clearly messages to candidates that you take career progression seriously.