Making your life better, a bunch of improvements at a time

With half an eye on the end of the year and the other half on big new features, we're pleased to roll out a few nice quality of life improvements for you all.

Also, as it's a friday and we're feeling fruity, no UI shots in this update, just images off teh internetz.

Ok, on with the show…


1. Speeeeeeeeeeeeed

We've added a service called Redis to massively improve caching across the product. What that means is that when you're loading up a page you've looked at before, the time to load can be up to 3-5 times faster than it was before! Those of you with big frameworks will enjoy this one.

As with all caching stuff, it can occasionally get a bit enthusiastic so if something doesn't look right, do a hard refresh (cmd+shift+r on chrome) to see if it clears up, and let us know so we can bust more caches for you.


2. More buttons, to do the things you want to do.

Hard to write something snappy here, but basically any part of the app where you might have been thinking 'wouldn't it be nice to have a button to do this' – we're trying to catch it and add one for you. Some highlights:

  • Create a new skill when adding skills to your framework
  • Edit the skill when choosing requirements in a framework
  • Add skills to framework when adding to a category
  • Automatically add skill to team when creating one
  • Go to all your skills from viewing or editing a skill
  • View a check-in with a big nice button
  • Know exactly what action comes next when managing team check-ins
  • Navigate with breadcrumbs where it makes sense to

There will be many more of these QOL buttons and workflows to add, so please let us know if you have more of those 'need a button' moments.


3: Goodbye level descriptors, hello more than 5 levels!

We've found that our descriptors of 'Learning, Competent, Excelling' were causing as much cognitive load as they were helpful. So for now, we've removed them. They may come back in a format that you can edit in the future (watch this space!)

You can now go beyond 5 levels in your skills too. Right now you need our help to do it (just let us know) but we'll be adding some UI for this soon.


Preview positions without going to the position page (it's quicker!)

Sometimes you just want to peep a position from your framework without navigating to it. So we now open positions in a nice modal by default, then give you the option to view it on a page. A bit like Notion, you know? They copied it from us clearly.

progression roadmap.png

Finally: we now have a public roadmap!

Here it is: ROADMAAAP

You can find a link to it from the bottom of our website too – bookmark for safe keeping…

Keep em coming and have a great weekend.