Progression updates
Progression updates

Make your Progression framework live to the world šŸ¤©




A public framework is a great way to show how you support personal growth as an organisation and as a team. We've seen the start of a thriving community around public frameworks (check out Progression.FYI if you've not seen it!) so we're now supporting that in app šŸ¤

If you're thinking of using your Progression framework to help you hire fantastic talent and communicate your companies commitment to personal growth then why not make your framework public too?!

We've had this functionality within Progression for a little while but due to popular demand we've moved this out of Beta.

Public frameworks allow you to:

  • Share your framework publicly via a simple URL
  • Provide context and useful links to additional information about your framework
  • Provide public access to specific teams, allowing others to see the skills required to be successful in each different position within a team
  • Allow you to connect "hiring links" to direct candidates to specific job ads

Take a look at the Progression team's framework for inspiration

Public FW.png

There are 4 simple steps to a public framework within Progression:

  1. An org admin will need to enable public views for your entire org
  2. Write a blurb and introduce your framework
  3. Include links to socials or your hiring page
  4. Make each individual team Public on a team by team basis