Progression updates
Progression updates

Lots of small improvements





Some of the most satisfying releases aren't the 'one big shiny feature' but squashing dozens of tiny bugs and annoyances.

Today we rolled out a release which just improves your quality of life in a ton of small ways when creating and editing your content.


Team and framework page improvements

  • The 'disciplines' row in your framework page no longer scrolls out of view, meaning you have all the context even when you're working right at the bottom of your framework
  • When you want to add a requirement to a position at a level higher than the number of levels in a skill, we no longer default you to creating a new requirement. That was pretty confusing, so now you can still pick from existing levels or click once more to create a new one.
  • Weird bug - when you updated the capitalisation on a discipline name, it might disappear! Now fixed.
  • After creating a position on the framework page, you now stay there.
  • After editing position details in a modal, you are brought back to the page you were previously on.
  • New skill levels have a consistent look and feel with existing ones
  • When choosing a level for a requirement, the whole card is now clickable, not just the little text link. You can also click through to edit a skill from that modal.
  • Clicking the + button to add a skill at the top of a framework gives you the same options you get in other places

Other improvements

  • We now pull in your image from Office 365 if you've signed up using that method
  • When editing a skill in a modal, you can't accidentally close it, losing progress. We now warn you!
  • We've improved the behaviour around auto-saving on check-ins to make it a bit less eager.

Lots more to come!

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