Progression updates
Progression updates

Introducing wins





If you're anything like us, you'll know the feeling of not quite being able to remember what you've achieved in the last 6 months. Conversations about development suffer and recency bias creeps in.

You end up with a blank sheet of paper, scrabbling around only talking about your most recent examples of demonstrating skills you know you have.

We built Wins to solve this.

jb wins.png

A Win in Progression is an achievement at work. It doesn't have to be big - in fact the small ones are more important because you're more likely to forget them. It can come from you or be added by others and gets added to your private wins page ready for the next time you need it.

A quick overview:

  • You can add a win from your homepage or from the button in the top navigation.
  • You can make your personal wins private so only you can access them. Your manager will be able to see the meta data (that you've added wins against skills) but the content is just for you.
  • Anyone else in your organisation with a Progression account can also add wins for you — you'll get an email letting you know. (New ways to add wins coming soon…)
  • Tagging skills from your role in your win means that win will then appear during your next check-in and on your homepage under the relevant skill.
  • You can also download your wins whenever you feel like it. After all, they're yours!
  • For managers Wins offers a great way to recognise your teams achievements in a place they can access easily whenever you see good things happen.

After trying the feature ourselves we've become somewhat addicted. Reflecting on our wins has helped us learn a lot about ourselves and knowing that whenever you add a win for someone they get a nice surprise email. Great for everyday happiness, as well as recording achievements for a check-in or 1:1.

win manager.png

This is our first iteration so if you've got any feedback to share on the feature let us know!