Huge update: Check-ins and Organisations

All has been fairly quiet on the western front for the last week or so, as we've been heads down working on a couple of big pieces of functionality. We're really excited to get these out to you over the coming week or so, but the first step just rolled out.

1. Organisations

As we've chatted to some of our bigger teams we've realised that just having a team layer isn't enough. This first release of 'organisations' introduces a layer above team for billing, shared skills and frameworks and aggregated data for companies with multiple teams using Progression.

  • Join up multiple teams under one organisation (shipped, let us know if you want this)
  • Be billed across all teams, rather than one team at a time
  • Allow for teams to have visibility of their own frameworks and peers, while sharing skills, definititons and frameworks with the rest of the company (coming very soon)
  • People teams and org admins can see which teams are using and growing in one place (later)

2. Check-ins (gradual rollout)

Screenshot 2019-05-22 15.04.51.png

So far Progression has been useful for designing and displaying the framework, but hasn't been able to help with measuring team members against it. That changes starting today.

The building blocks of what we're calling 'check-ins' is now live. You'll be able to answer a set of questions, based on the requirements of your position, which will give you a bunch of insights about how to grow, some goals to aim for and guide conversations with your manager. As you add to these skills over time you'll be able to see a graph of your personal development, measured over days and weeks, not bi-annual reviews.

This is the very first step for us, but we believe the possibilities are endless.

  • Complete a check-in against your current position (shipped)
  • View the check-ins of anyone for whom you're their manager* (shipped)
  • View aggregate data across the team - where are the team strong and weak? (coming soon)
  • Measure growth over time (coming soon)

If you want to enable check-ins for your team or try it out in a sandbox environment, just speak to us. We're rolling it out carefully as we learn what's working and where we need to improve.

*coming soon - entire chain of command can see check-ins, for larger organisations

There have also been several smaller improvements and bug-fixes, but as always if you spot issues or have feedback please let us know!

Jonny and Neil