Clone skills from our library and browse skills by tags and public teams

Hello everyone!

It's nearly Christmas, so to celebrate this most festive of seasons we're rolling out a bunch of improvements this month. Hooray!

Smiling christmas pooh


1. You can now clone public skills into your team and edit them!


You might be surprised to hear that to do this up until now was a bit of a copy-and-paste job. Not any more.

You can now take any of our library skills, make a fork of it into your own skillset, then edit to your heart's content! We'll silently keep a link to the original skill so in the future we can suggest improvements from upstream.

2. Browse skills by tags and teams

browse skills.png

We're in the process of bringing a bunch more goodness into our public library. Soon a bunch of the frameworks on will be available in the app, but we're starting with the two frameworks we revealed last month by Intercom and Clearleft.

As with our skills, all of these are available for you to add to your frameworks and edit accordingly.

3. General speed and quality of life improvements

We've also been shipping some smaller but just-as-useful improvements:

  • See your billing contact in admin
  • Updating requirements doesn't cause a page reload
  • Compare links are much easier to find (in any position modal or page)

More to come in a week or so, on the check-ins side of things. Until then, crack on with some mince pies!