Check-ins 2.0

This one has been a long time coming and we're super excited to release it. Today we launched check-ins 2.0

We've always had the goal of making skill frameworks more than just static repositories of information. Check-ins are our way making these frameworks interactive tools which empower team members to take charge of their own professional development, in a way which is aligned with the goals of the organisation.

There are three key improvements in check-ins 2.0:

  1. Better UI
  2. Better process
  3. Better insights

Better UI

Ok, we admit it, the UI for check-ins 1.0 was just a bit... weird. And not particularly intuitive. So we listened to feedback, talked to users and put our UI designer hats on and came up with the 2.0 interface!

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 17.21.09.png

Each skill presents the user with a simple choice of are they "working towards", "meeting" or "exceeding" what is expected of them. They're then free to write a short note to explain their answer.

Better process

Another important thing we learnt from check-ins 1.0 was that the whole process should be a collaborative one between report and manager rather than a solo exercise. To fix this we've now made the check-in a 3-step process: First you, then your manager and finally you resolve the differences together.

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 17.22.37.png

Better insights

Finally we wanted to make the results of the check-in really easy to understand and help your team get insights into how they can best focus on their own development.

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 17.52.45.png

This gave us a great excuse to fiddle with all sorts of data visualisation and charts. If you want to see the detail you'll have to complete a check-in!

We're proud of check-ins because it represents just the beginning of building this part of the Progression product. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback, especially the areas where things can be improved. Until next time, happy progressing!

PS As part of the data migration processes to the new structure we made some decisions on how we should transform the old data to fit in the new model. Broadly speaking if a check-in was previously completed it will still be completed, if it was incomplete it will remain incomplete.

A very small number of users may have an in-complete check-in where some levels are visible and others not. The best thing would be to either pick new levels for the answers or just delete the check-in and start again.

All free text content should be unaffected.