Add your team members to your framework before you invite them

Sometimes you need to see your team on your framework to finish writing your content. Don't worry, we've got you.

You can now add everyone on your team to your framework, but hold off on the email invites until you're ready. Tweak away, and when the time is right just send those emails so everyone can create an account.

inviting a team member

We've also improved the inviting process so your team can join without you needing to add them again, and created a team members page so you can see everyone in one place.

memberships page

Team members that haven't been invited yet will have a stripey faded avatar wherever they're displayed, so it's easy to work out who's invited.

Hopefully this release will make the basics of getting the team onboard much easier. It also paves the way for more improvements around team management in the future!