Progression updates
Progression updates

A change to the way the Progression skills library works





We've changed the way skill ownership works to make things clearer and simpler.

Previously, you could "borrow" skills from the Progression Library to use in your framework. If you wanted to make a change to a skill, we would copy it to your library.

This was annoying for users because it was a few extra clicks (and a bunch more cognitive load) to edit a skill, plus there was a weird disconnect between the skills in your frameworks and those in your actual skills page.

It was also annoying for us because we couldn't change, delete or improve skills without affecting teams' frameworks.

Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 12.27.43.png

A simpler way

Now, whenever you use a skill from the Progression Library we make a copy for you right away. That means you know you have a version you can edit, while we can keep on iterating on our library without affecting you.

We still keep a record of which skill you used, just in case in the future we want to suggest improvements, but we won't ever change a skill of yours.

Please note: You'll now see more skills in your skills section because as part of this change we made copies of any skills you were using from the library.