Progression changelog
Progression changelog

A bunch of small improvements







Some of the best things come in small packages - we're excited to tell you about a bunch of improvements we've shipped in the last couple of weeks to make life in Progression a little easier.

Framework page

  • Removing a skill or a requirement from your framework the page used to refresh the whole page which was lets face it incredibly annoying - that's now fixed. From now on remove skills without losing your place on the framework page 🥳.
  • Edit a skill and all it's levels directly from the framework page now.
  • We promised your "Disciplines" wouldn't scroll out of a view - but a caching bug got in the way. That's fixed - so the context of role titles will remain as you scroll to the bottom of your framework.

Account settings

  • Time Zones - We want to make sure we're dropping in your inbox at the right time of day. We've automatically set your Time Zone but you can update it in account settings.
  • Notification preferences - As we look to make our content more personalised we want to make sure you're in full control, you can now opt in and out of our content in your notification settings.

Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 11.29.44.png

Other improvements

  • A link to tell us what's missing from our skill and framework libraries.
  • Fixed a long standing bug making the rich text editor difficult to use in a check-in summary section.
  • We've brought consistency to the order of skills within a role. Choose the order on the framework page and that'll change within a position.
  • You can now use hyperlinks, bold and italics within your Wins.