A bunch of small improvements

It's been a really busy month so far, what with lots of our customers coming back from holidays with fresh energy for tackling their frameworks. But we've not stopped shipping!

We have a mega feature coming up very soon, but in the meantime a few nice things have gone out.

skills simplified.png

1. Simplified skills

Creating a skill was too hard to work out, involving a two step form and unclear dependencies. We watched people struggle to work out how skills were constructed and wanted to relax the rules a bit. So now:

  • Skills can be created in one simple page
  • It's clear what belongs to what in the UI
  • You can create as many examples as you want, and you don't need to tie them to a 'behaviour' if you don't want to
  • (coming soon) Create more (or less) than 5 skill levels

This will put this core atomic element of our product in a place to truly scale to whatever framework people need to create. We're helping all teams going for annual plans to get their frameworks into Progression, so this is also making our lives much easier... Dogfooding FTW!

Screenshot 2019-09-18 18.14.11.png

2. Create your own disciplines and see which templates fit

We were being asked to add new disciplines so often that we decided to let you do it yourself. You can now create any discipline you can imagine, and if it happens to match any of our templates we'll let you know.

brand design.png

3. New frameworks for Brand Design and Generic Teams

We've been working with a couple of our customers to develop new frameworks for Brand Design teams – which we've opened up to be used by anyone! In addition we now have a set of frameworks which serve as a basis for any team, containing human and leadership skills which can sit across departments. Just add your own craft skills and you're away.


4. Add your brand colour for a personalised app

This was a fun evening experiment by Jonny which turned into a fully fledged feature. You can now make your app feel like home by adding your hex colour.

There's loads of other nice bits of cleanup going on too.

  • Manage people in different teams from yourself
  • View skills and teams on your org home ordered by when they were created
  • Bug fixes for check-ins and across the app

Keep feedback coming! The next one of these will hopefully be a biggie, but we're always making small improvements...