Team-level insights are here!

New shiny for Christmas! We just rolled out the first phase of our team-level insights feature, giving you access to your team's strengths, areas to work on and any check-ins that you need to complete. Read below for more detail!

Team level Insights

Screenshot 2019-12-17 12.02.50.png

You can now browse the strengths and shape of your team as you would for one of your reports. We've also thrown in a bunch of bar charts to show you how your team's skills stack up and the deltas between the top and bottom. Good for working out which gaps to fill with team training, new hires or conference budgets!

Also if your reports have reports you can drill down into those teams too – full reporting lines are supported.

Top Trumps

Screenshot 2019-12-17 12.02.14.png

Another new view we've added is a tab just for your team, including their strengths (as long as they've completed a check-in). Useful for tracking check-ins and getting a quick glance over what people are best at.

New nav, more logical structure

Screenshot 2019-12-17 12.07.58.png

All that new stuff has a new home. Up until this week if you wanted to find information about your team you'd have to scroll down your homepage. We've moved everything to do with your reporting line into a separate 'Your Reports' tab, so we can make you about… you! (more on that soon)

We've also made it way better on mobile. Hooray.

More soon!

Clone skills from our library and browse skills by tags and public teams

Hello everyone!

It's nearly Christmas, so to celebrate this most festive of seasons we're rolling out a bunch of improvements this month. Hooray!

Smiling christmas pooh


1. You can now clone public skills into your team and edit them!


You might be surprised to hear that to do this up until now was a bit of a copy-and-paste job. Not any more.

You can now take any of our library skills, make a fork of it into your own skillset, then edit to your heart's content! We'll silently keep a link to the original skill so in the future we can suggest improvements from upstream.

2. Browse skills by tags and teams

browse skills.png

We're in the process of bringing a bunch more goodness into our public library. Soon a bunch of the frameworks on will be available in the app, but we're starting with the two frameworks we revealed last month by Intercom and Clearleft.

As with our skills, all of these are available for you to add to your frameworks and edit accordingly.

3. General speed and quality of life improvements

We've also been shipping some smaller but just-as-useful improvements:

  • See your billing contact in admin
  • Updating requirements doesn't cause a page reload
  • Compare links are much easier to find (in any position modal or page)

More to come in a week or so, on the check-ins side of things. Until then, crack on with some mince pies!

Snag [your-team] and make your framework public!

Last time we told you the next thing would be a big thing.

Here's that thing.

The thing is that you can now make your framework public. To the world.

Not just that, but you can also add any open roles to it, so prospective team members can read through the expectations you have for current people in the position they're thinking about, prep for those interviews, apply through the link and then know what to expect when they join.

This is just the start of one of our ambitions to power everything from hiring to multi-job career growth through fantastic shared content, so there's plenty more where this came from.

So far we've had a few great companies make their frameworks public, including Intercom and legendary UK product agency Clearleft

Intercom's framework

How does making your framework public work?

All you need to do to make your framework public is flick the switch. You can then add a description of your company and individual teams, set your own url ( and add any hiring links to positions that you want to hire for. The rest is, as they say, gravy.

We'll also add your framework to so you'll get added exposure through everyone browsing those frameworks.

Here's Jonny's twitter thread announcing the news, go give it a like!

Clearleft's framework

What next?

We're planning on expanding this feature in the future with all sorts of cool extras:

  • integrating your ATS so positions are dynamically updated as they go live
  • Dynamically generated downloadable interview scripts for interviewers and candidates
  • Clone a framework from the page to get going on Progression yourself
  • An aggregated list of all frameworks and open positions somewhere on

If this is something you'd love to get going on, please email us at and we can get you set up.

Making your life better, a bunch of improvements at a time

With half an eye on the end of the year and the other half on big new features, we're pleased to roll out a few nice quality of life improvements for you all.

Also, as it's a friday and we're feeling fruity, no UI shots in this update, just images off teh internetz.

Ok, on with the show…


1. Speeeeeeeeeeeeed

We've added a service called Redis to massively improve caching across the product. What that means is that when you're loading up a page you've looked at before, the time to load can be up to 3-5 times faster than it was before! Those of you with big frameworks will enjoy this one.

As with all caching stuff, it can occasionally get a bit enthusiastic so if something doesn't look right, do a hard refresh (cmd+shift+r on chrome) to see if it clears up, and let us know so we can bust more caches for you.


2. More buttons, to do the things you want to do.

Hard to write something snappy here, but basically any part of the app where you might have been thinking 'wouldn't it be nice to have a button to do this' – we're trying to catch it and add one for you. Some highlights:

  • Create a new skill when adding skills to your framework
  • Edit the skill when choosing requirements in a framework
  • Add skills to framework when adding to a category
  • Automatically add skill to team when creating one
  • Go to all your skills from viewing or editing a skill
  • View a check-in with a big nice button
  • Know exactly what action comes next when managing team check-ins
  • Navigate with breadcrumbs where it makes sense to

There will be many more of these QOL buttons and workflows to add, so please let us know if you have more of those 'need a button' moments.


3: Goodbye level descriptors, hello more than 5 levels!

We've found that our descriptors of 'Learning, Competent, Excelling' were causing as much cognitive load as they were helpful. So for now, we've removed them. They may come back in a format that you can edit in the future (watch this space!)

You can now go beyond 5 levels in your skills too. Right now you need our help to do it (just let us know) but we'll be adding some UI for this soon.


Preview positions without going to the position page (it's quicker!)

Sometimes you just want to peep a position from your framework without navigating to it. So we now open positions in a nice modal by default, then give you the option to view it on a page. A bit like Notion, you know? They copied it from us clearly.

progression roadmap.png

Finally: we now have a public roadmap!

Here it is: ROADMAAAP

You can find a link to it from the bottom of our website too – bookmark for safe keeping…

Keep em coming and have a great weekend.


A bunch of small improvements

It's been a really busy month so far, what with lots of our customers coming back from holidays with fresh energy for tackling their frameworks. But we've not stopped shipping!

We have a mega feature coming up very soon, but in the meantime a few nice things have gone out.

skills simplified.png

1. Simplified skills

Creating a skill was too hard to work out, involving a two step form and unclear dependencies. We watched people struggle to work out how skills were constructed and wanted to relax the rules a bit. So now:

  • Skills can be created in one simple page
  • It's clear what belongs to what in the UI
  • You can create as many examples as you want, and you don't need to tie them to a 'behaviour' if you don't want to
  • (coming soon) Create more (or less) than 5 skill levels

This will put this core atomic element of our product in a place to truly scale to whatever framework people need to create. We're helping all teams going for annual plans to get their frameworks into Progression, so this is also making our lives much easier... Dogfooding FTW!

Screenshot 2019-09-18 18.14.11.png

2. Create your own disciplines and see which templates fit

We were being asked to add new disciplines so often that we decided to let you do it yourself. You can now create any discipline you can imagine, and if it happens to match any of our templates we'll let you know.

brand design.png

3. New frameworks for Brand Design and Generic Teams

We've been working with a couple of our customers to develop new frameworks for Brand Design teams – which we've opened up to be used by anyone! In addition we now have a set of frameworks which serve as a basis for any team, containing human and leadership skills which can sit across departments. Just add your own craft skills and you're away.


4. Add your brand colour for a personalised app

This was a fun evening experiment by Jonny which turned into a fully fledged feature. You can now make your app feel like home by adding your hex colour.

There's loads of other nice bits of cleanup going on too.

  • Manage people in different teams from yourself
  • View skills and teams on your org home ordered by when they were created
  • Bug fixes for check-ins and across the app

Keep feedback coming! The next one of these will hopefully be a biggie, but we're always making small improvements...

Check-ins 2.0

This one has been a long time coming and we're super excited to release it. Today we launched check-ins 2.0

We've always had the goal of making skill frameworks more than just static repositories of information. Check-ins are our way making these frameworks interactive tools which empower team members to take charge of their own professional development, in a way which is aligned with the goals of the organisation.

There are three key improvements in check-ins 2.0:

  1. Better UI
  2. Better process
  3. Better insights

Better UI

Ok, we admit it, the UI for check-ins 1.0 was just a bit... weird. And not particularly intuitive. So we listened to feedback, talked to users and put our UI designer hats on and came up with the 2.0 interface!

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 17.21.09.png

Each skill presents the user with a simple choice of are they "working towards", "meeting" or "exceeding" what is expected of them. They're then free to write a short note to explain their answer.

Better process

Another important thing we learnt from check-ins 1.0 was that the whole process should be a collaborative one between report and manager rather than a solo exercise. To fix this we've now made the check-in a 3-step process: First you, then your manager and finally you resolve the differences together.

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 17.22.37.png

Better insights

Finally we wanted to make the results of the check-in really easy to understand and help your team get insights into how they can best focus on their own development.

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 17.52.45.png

This gave us a great excuse to fiddle with all sorts of data visualisation and charts. If you want to see the detail you'll have to complete a check-in!

We're proud of check-ins because it represents just the beginning of building this part of the Progression product. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback, especially the areas where things can be improved. Until next time, happy progressing!

PS As part of the data migration processes to the new structure we made some decisions on how we should transform the old data to fit in the new model. Broadly speaking if a check-in was previously completed it will still be completed, if it was incomplete it will remain incomplete.

A very small number of users may have an in-complete check-in where some levels are visible and others not. The best thing would be to either pick new levels for the answers or just delete the check-in and start again.

All free text content should be unaffected.

Organisation Home, multiple teams, shared skills and templates

We haven't updated this changelog in a while, but we've sure been shipping.

Org home

Org homepages

You now have an organisation homepage.

This is great because:

  1. You can create as many teams as you like without fear of messing one up.
  2. You can share skills and even frameworks across teams (some skills are company-wide, others are specific to a team)
  3. You can assign team admins or org admins. So whoever is paying gets org admin rights, but your design managers only need to edit their own team.

Much more coming soon, but this lays the baseline for entire companies to use one Progression account! Hooray :)

Creating a skill

Improved skill adding/editing

In the past, writing your skills and editing them was a pain on Progression. Hell, we were using spreadsheets ourselves to write skills.

It's now as easy as pie to create or edit a skill in the app. You can even find all the skills you've created on your org homepage, to be used by any team that needs them.

Download check-ins as CSV

Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 09.07.34.png

Some of our users told us they'd love a way to create a "print off and keep" version of a check-in so they could take it along to a 1-1. We've created a super-MVP version of this with a CSV export of a check-in.

You can find the link at the bottom of a check-in page, it generates something like this:

Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 09.13.24.png

Improving check-ins: Add free text responses

check-in question

You can now add free text to a check-in question, meaning that your manager and future you can know why you picked the answer you did.

Also from now, your manager's manager (and their manager and their manager's manager) will be able to see your check-in results, so those planning the team can know what everyone's strengths are. Hooray!

Finally, you can now have control over whether your team uses check-ins by switching 'edge features' on and off. You can do that from your edit team page at any time.

Huge update: Check-ins and Organisations

All has been fairly quiet on the western front for the last week or so, as we've been heads down working on a couple of big pieces of functionality. We're really excited to get these out to you over the coming week or so, but the first step just rolled out.

1. Organisations

As we've chatted to some of our bigger teams we've realised that just having a team layer isn't enough. This first release of 'organisations' introduces a layer above team for billing, shared skills and frameworks and aggregated data for companies with multiple teams using Progression.

  • Join up multiple teams under one organisation (shipped, let us know if you want this)
  • Be billed across all teams, rather than one team at a time
  • Allow for teams to have visibility of their own frameworks and peers, while sharing skills, definititons and frameworks with the rest of the company (coming very soon)
  • People teams and org admins can see which teams are using and growing in one place (later)

2. Check-ins (gradual rollout)

Screenshot 2019-05-22 15.04.51.png

So far Progression has been useful for designing and displaying the framework, but hasn't been able to help with measuring team members against it. That changes starting today.

The building blocks of what we're calling 'check-ins' is now live. You'll be able to answer a set of questions, based on the requirements of your position, which will give you a bunch of insights about how to grow, some goals to aim for and guide conversations with your manager. As you add to these skills over time you'll be able to see a graph of your personal development, measured over days and weeks, not bi-annual reviews.

This is the very first step for us, but we believe the possibilities are endless.

  • Complete a check-in against your current position (shipped)
  • View the check-ins of anyone for whom you're their manager* (shipped)
  • View aggregate data across the team - where are the team strong and weak? (coming soon)
  • Measure growth over time (coming soon)

If you want to enable check-ins for your team or try it out in a sandbox environment, just speak to us. We're rolling it out carefully as we learn what's working and where we need to improve.

*coming soon - entire chain of command can see check-ins, for larger organisations

There have also been several smaller improvements and bug-fixes, but as always if you spot issues or have feedback please let us know!

Jonny and Neil