Better compare view of positions

We've added some nice data-viz to the position compare page so that you can get an at-a-glance view of how the requirements for two positions differ.

Screenshot 2020-02-10 at 16.55.00.png

Compare your check-in with any other position

If you've ever wondered how you would need to grow to move laterally in your organisation, get your next promotion or even become CEO, this release is for you!

You can now take your existing check-in and compare it with any other position in your organisation.

Screenshot 2020-02-10 at 16.56.07.png

Check-in against any position

You can now check-in against in any position, not just the one you're currently in. This is great for people that have been in their role for sometime and are thinking about how they can grow into their next role.

Screenshot 2020-02-10 at 16.58.25.png

Fix up Friday

Loads of little fixes out today:

  • Positions always ordered alphabetically
  • Long category labels on radar charts no longer blow up
  • Examples on check-ins are ordered alphabetically
  • Fixed issue where if there were less than 10 check-in strengths and weaknesses they would appear in both columns
  • Check-in text areas can now be resized
  • Lots more page titles to make your browser history easier to navigate through
  • Hardening of user auth configuration:
    • Accounts locked after 6 failed attempts
    • Email changes notify old and new emails
    • Min 8 char passwords
    • No information that email account exists on failed login or password reset

Stale check-ins

We observed an edgy edge case where when a check-in edit page was open in two places there was a risk of auto-saving blank data over existing data.

Screenshot 2020-02-07 at 12.50.30.png

We now give you a warning if your check-in has been edited in another tab. This is particularly useful for the final step when the manager and team member might both have the page open.

Turn those skills up to 11 (or whatever you like)

Here at Progression we use a default of 5 levels of skill mastery but we realise this doesn't fit all organisations or skills. We've now added an "add level" button to skills so you can create skills that work best for you.

Screenshot 2020-02-04 at 14.12.45.png

Introducing auto save on check-ins

We're thrilled to ship one of our most requested features: check-in auto-save! When we first heard that team members were losing data on check-ins we had flashbacks to losing long, carefully written emails on Hotmail c.2001, not something we would wish on anyone.

Screenshot 2020-02-04 at 14.01.55.png

Team-level insights are here!

New shiny for Christmas! We just rolled out the first phase of our team-level insights feature, giving you access to your team's strengths, areas to work on and any check-ins that you need to complete. Read below for more detail!

Team level Insights

Screenshot 2019-12-17 12.02.50.png

You can now browse the strengths and shape of your team as you would for one of your reports. We've also thrown in a bunch of bar charts to show you how your team's skills stack up and the deltas between the top and bottom. Good for working out which gaps to fill with team training, new hires or conference budgets!

Also if your reports have reports you can drill down into those teams too – full reporting lines are supported.

Top Trumps

Screenshot 2019-12-17 12.02.14.png

Another new view we've added is a tab just for your team, including their strengths (as long as they've completed a check-in). Useful for tracking check-ins and getting a quick glance over what people are best at.

New nav, more logical structure

Screenshot 2019-12-17 12.07.58.png

All that new stuff has a new home. Up until this week if you wanted to find information about your team you'd have to scroll down your homepage. We've moved everything to do with your reporting line into a separate 'Your Reports' tab, so we can make you about… you! (more on that soon)

We've also made it way better on mobile. Hooray.

More soon!

Clone skills from our library and browse skills by tags and public teams

Hello everyone!

It's nearly Christmas, so to celebrate this most festive of seasons we're rolling out a bunch of improvements this month. Hooray!

Smiling christmas pooh


1. You can now clone public skills into your team and edit them!


You might be surprised to hear that to do this up until now was a bit of a copy-and-paste job. Not any more.

You can now take any of our library skills, make a fork of it into your own skillset, then edit to your heart's content! We'll silently keep a link to the original skill so in the future we can suggest improvements from upstream.

2. Browse skills by tags and teams

browse skills.png

We're in the process of bringing a bunch more goodness into our public library. Soon a bunch of the frameworks on will be available in the app, but we're starting with the two frameworks we revealed last month by Intercom and Clearleft.

As with our skills, all of these are available for you to add to your frameworks and edit accordingly.

3. General speed and quality of life improvements

We've also been shipping some smaller but just-as-useful improvements:

  • See your billing contact in admin
  • Updating requirements doesn't cause a page reload
  • Compare links are much easier to find (in any position modal or page)

More to come in a week or so, on the check-ins side of things. Until then, crack on with some mince pies!

Snag [your-team] and make your framework public!

Last time we told you the next thing would be a big thing.

Here's that thing.

The thing is that you can now make your framework public. To the world.

Not just that, but you can also add any open roles to it, so prospective team members can read through the expectations you have for current people in the position they're thinking about, prep for those interviews, apply through the link and then know what to expect when they join.

This is just the start of one of our ambitions to power everything from hiring to multi-job career growth through fantastic shared content, so there's plenty more where this came from.

So far we've had a few great companies make their frameworks public, including Intercom and legendary UK product agency Clearleft

Intercom's framework

How does making your framework public work?

All you need to do to make your framework public is flick the switch. You can then add a description of your company and individual teams, set your own url ( and add any hiring links to positions that you want to hire for. The rest is, as they say, gravy.

We'll also add your framework to so you'll get added exposure through everyone browsing those frameworks.

Here's Jonny's twitter thread announcing the news, go give it a like!

Clearleft's framework

What next?

We're planning on expanding this feature in the future with all sorts of cool extras:

  • integrating your ATS so positions are dynamically updated as they go live
  • Dynamically generated downloadable interview scripts for interviewers and candidates
  • Clone a framework from the page to get going on Progression yourself
  • An aggregated list of all frameworks and open positions somewhere on

If this is something you'd love to get going on, please email us at and we can get you set up.