Progression updates
Progression updates

In beta: Career growth, visualised





One last end of year gift from us: we’ve just shipped our beta Growth page. This is your new hub for keeping pace on how you are growing over time. It's currently available for individual users, but over the coming weeks we’ll be making this available for managers to view their reports’ progress too.

See and feel your growth over time

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 14.30.18.png

At the top of the page is your growth over time chart; a great way to visualise your growth against skills that happen during Check-ins. Every Check-in is logged in time, and all the skills you checked-in against are plotted at the level you agreed you were working at.

Track the evidence you're collecting

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 14.30.23.png

The second chart gives insight into the updates you're logging over time: a summary of your Wins, Feedback, Notes and Actions, so you can make a habit of collecting and reflecting on evidence of your progress, as it happens.

Keep pulse on the skills that are important to you

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 14.30.30.png

At the bottom of the page we list all the skills related to your position, along with your current level, open Actions and how many updates you have logged related to this skill. You can also set Focus Skills here by tapping the star icon.

Curate your story

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 14.30.13.png

Your data can be filtered down by time period, by skills and by update type, making it easy to see how you’ve improved in a specific area over time. Want to see how many Communication-related Wins you’ve received since your last check-in, for example? The growth page makes this a breeze. And don’t worry if you don’t have any data yet, it also provides prompts to help you get started.

The Growth page is live in app now, and we'd love your feedback.

Work feed and new navigation





Spring cleaning but make it winter! We've just shipped one of the biggest UX and visual changes to the app this year: replacing our dashboard-style home page with the Work Feed: a centralised timeline of all your Progression activity, designed to help you keep the little habits that contribute to career growth and personal development front of mind.


Along with that, we consolidated all the ways to create updates in Progression into a swish little 'capture box', with tabs to select if you want to create a Win, Feedback, Action or -- also new -- just capture a quick Note for you (and optionally your manager) to reflect on later.

Crucially, everything you add to the feed is taggable with your role's skills, so you're curating the story of your progression as you go.

Finally, we took the opportunity to refine the app's navigation, merging the top and side navigations and elements from the old dashboard into a more intuitively-organised sidebar which contains everything relating to you, your team and your company. So whether you're due a check-in, have some feedback to give a colleague, or want to bask in your team's wall of wins - it's all at your fingers.

It's in app now, or read more here.

Support your team's growth with a simple, open Feedback mechanism




Group 12.png

Introducing Feedback in Progression

We're pleased to say that in addition to Wins, Actions and Check-ins, we've now introduced Feedback as an additional way to understand how you're progressing against the skills and goals that are important to you.

Recognising the potential barriers and challenges around giving and receiving meaningful feedback, we've deliberately designed the feature to be frictionless, low-stress and empowering.

Here's how it works in a nutshell:

Be in control of requesting it: You can send a request for feedback to anyone in your company at any time, making it clear that feedback is expected and welcomed and letting you specify what you want feedback about.

Easily give it: You can give anyone feedback in the moment by using the 'Give feedback' button on their Progression profile page or super frictionlessly via our Slackbot shortcut or bookmark.

Put it to use: Your received feedback will appear in a feed in the Progression app, ready to refer back to any time. Managers can view feedback received by their reports, to support them in putting it into action where needed.

You'll find the Feedback feature in app now, or read more on our blog and website.

Focus Skills and Actions make progression a habit




Introducing Focus Skills and Actions: new ways to work on your growth, every week.


Focus Skills

It's easy to forget that your day-to-day work contributes your skill development. Focus Skills help you capture those moments by letting you select up to three of your position's required skills to focus on at a time.

Tap into these skill pages and you'll see a timeline feed of all the occasions when you demonstrated evidence of this skill - collected as you go, ready for your next 1:1 or check-in.


If you've completed a Progression check-in but aren't sure what to do next, that's where Actions come in. Create an Action to help you prioritise tasks which contribute to your growth. Your manager can support you in setting and completing them. Tag them with skills and once checked off, they'll appear in your skills feed to remind you of what you achieved.

They're available in-app right now, and we'd love your feedback on where we take them next.

Making Wins a whole-team event





Freshly launched this week: make the feel-good factor of Wins go further with our new Team Win features.

  • You can now tag multiple people to the same Win: a great way to maximise celebration of a team project or shared achievement.
  • You can now set the visibility of Wins as shareable to your entire company, so everyone can see and react to all the impactful work being done.
  • Check out the new Wins tab in-app for all your company's shared Win activity. You can filter activity down to your Team or yourself from here, too.

Find all these new features right now in-app and when you create your next Win!

Supercharged Slack & Win reactions




We've shipped a few features that make it much more easy and fun to get going with Wins.

🔥 Tag skills, quick-react and get notified - all in Slack

You can tag Wins with skills right in Slack, to let your Win recipient know exactly which skills they flexed to earn your respect. You can also get notified of new Wins you and your reports receive and emoji-react to your Wins, all from the easy comfort of Slack.

🙌 Emoji-react to Wins

Keep the good vibes going! You can now quick-reply to a Win by emoji to acknowledge it, thank the Win-giver, or plus-one it — and you’ll get notified of new reactions on all your Win activity.

🚨 Quick-Win bookmark

Save to quickly pop up the Win form whenever someone deserves a you-nailed-it boost.

Making Check-ins and Wins easier




Last week we shipped few little improvements around Check-ins and Wins to make them easier and more engaging to use:



  • You can toggle between skill levels while you’re filling in your check-in to see how you’re benchmarking against the next level up
  • It’s clearer who you’re checking-in with: the avatar reflects your check-in buddy when you select them from the list
  • Call to action copy to submit a check-in has been made clearer



  • Skills can be tagged to Wins when they’re added from our Slackbot, so you can help people identify which skill they developed when you give them a Win.
  • Win ‘categories’ are now optional (and soon to be removed) as they aren’t actually used for anything useful in the app. Wins can be added from anyone’s Progression profile page.
  • It’s a bit nicer to add a link to text in a Win, so you can reference a resource on the Web more easily.
  • You’ll receive a slack DM if you receive a win via the Progression app

Spring cleaning: Improvements to admin tools






We’ve been busy making a few improvements under - and over - the hood to make Progression more performant, secure and easy to use, as well as adding a couple of much-requested new features for team admins. Here’s what’s new.

Custom Position Labels

Custom Position Labels: You can now override or remove Position Labels - the short identifiers that we display above each position’s name in each framework. We’ll continue to auto-generate these from the discipline name, but if your organisation uses bespoke names for these elsewhere you can now replace them to match, or opt to remove them from view entirely. Find the override on the ‘Edit Position’ screen, and the toggle-off in your Team Settings.

Custom URL Slug

Custom URL Slug: You can override our automated URL for your team’s framework page and set your own shorter, prettier ‘slugs’, if you like. Find this on the Team Settings page.

Link to open job roles

Link to open job roles: If you’ve indicated that a position has roles open for hiring, you can now add a link to the public job listing from the position page.

More intuitive team management

More intuitive team management: You told us it was sometimes confusing to know how to invite a new team member, so we’ve made UX improvements to adding an existing team member to a position and sending out new team member invitations to hopefully make it much clearer what’s happening.

Smoother framework setup

Smoother framework setup: We’ve made some UX improvements to creating a framework from the templates in our library, such as remembering the selected search and filters if you open and close a template, and saving text you’ve already entered if you go back a step.

New org homepage: readme, open roles and a fresh look

Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 15.07.04.png

We couldn't be more proud to unveil our new org homepage design which shipped a couple of days ago. Not only does it look fresher and more impactful we've added a bunch of highly requested features.

The Readme The Readme lets you tell your team, and the world, the most important things about your organisation: this could be about your culture, your future plans or anything you like.

People The people page provides a place where members of your organisation can quickly see who's in which team and what they do.

The people page is not visible on the public version.

Open Roles We've long had the option to include hiring links on positions. We've taken this a step further by aggregating all open positions in one place. Great for both internal mobility and generating new pipeline.

Consistent public views Nothing says "we get career progression" like sharing your progression framework to the world. The newly revamped public org page boosts your employer brand and clearly messages to candidates that you take career progression seriously.

Easily toggle your teams from draft → live → public




The dropdown within a team

Previously it was quite unclear what the visibility of each team was in the Progression app. As part of helping you get visibility on who can see which parts of the product as well as make changes easily, we've rolled out some updates to team pages and our organisation homepage.

You can now set a team to three statuses:

  1. Draft - only visible to org admins and team editors
  2. Live - visible to anyone with a login
  3. Public - visible to anyone in the world on your public link

icons on the homepage.png

You can switch between these statuses easily at any time, and at a glance see which teams are public and draft from your organisation home.